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Improve Your Employee Experience with Life-work Technology™

At UKG we recognise your organisation’s top resource is its people. However, employee expectations are changing. People want greater flexibility and autonomy in their jobs. UKG’s Life Work Technology gives your organisation and your people the tools they needs to deliver a positive employee experience.

Empower Your People Through Operational Excellence

Time and scheduling are essential to your operations, yet it can be an administrative burden to both managers and employees – taking them away from what they should be focusing on. Investing in a cloud-based solution can automate routine tasks and alleviate administrative burden so that you can maximise productivity and empower your employees, all while mitigating compliance risk.


Learn About Life-work Technology

eBook: Life-work Technology™

eBook: Life-work Technology™

The notion of “work-life balance” is outdated. It’s not life vs. work, it’s all life. In the new world of work there’s a renewed emphasis retaining and motivating employees, improving their health and wellbeing, and making flexible working a practical reality. Learn about the role Life-work Technology plays in enabling the future of work.

Infographic: What is Life-work Technology

Infographic: What is Life-work Technology?

The way we live and work has changed for most people. Throughout he pandemic, HR has been at the forefront of connecting and supporting employees. This infographic introduces Life-work Technology and the benefits UKG solutions can offer for helping to get the most from your people by supporting them on their life—work journeys.

Webinar: Future of Work and Life-work Technology

Webinar: Future of Work and Life-work Technology

Forrester joined UKG in this webinar to explore the challenges faced by organisations in new Future of Work, and why businesses must become ‘life-aware’ to improve the employee experience.

Watch the webinar to learn how putting your people first drives success.

Tacking Important Issues: Attrition

The Great Re-Think: Improving the Employee Experience to Combat Attrition

The Great Re-Think: Improving the Employee Experience to Combat Attrition

The pandemic has reset the expectations of workers. They are demanding more – greater flexibility, increased autonomy, and a feeling of value and belonging. Employees are leaving roles in search of fulfilment. Organisations need to readdress how to meet the needs of employees, customers and shareholders. Download The Great Re-Think white paper to learn how to improve the experience of your employees and drive performance.

Webinar: Drive Retention, Productivity and Performance

Webinar: Drive Retention, Productivity and Performance

Attracting and retaining top talent is a major challenge for every organisation. Creating a culture that delivers a positive employee experience is key to success. Watch this webinar to learn how becoming ‘life-aware’ can transform the employee experience and drive greater productivity and profitability for every organisation.

Workforce Management and HR Solutions to Improve Your Employee Experience

Provide your team with the most powerful workforce management and HR tools to improve their experience and performance.

Workforce Management for Midsized to Large Organisations

UKG Dimensions™ provides AI-powered workforce solutions infused with tailored industry experiences to provide operational insights the empower your people.

Flexible HR, Time, and Pay for Smaller Organisations

UKG Ready™ leverages the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time in a single solution to increase efficiency and simplify compliance.

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