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Put your people and your business on the path to success. Incorporate the most powerful technology into your employee scheduling processes. UKG® employee scheduling solutions help you make smart, data-driven decisions -- not just to properly staff your business, but to staff it with the right people in the right role.

Support Your People — and Their Unique Life-work Needs — with Flexible Scheduling Solutions

UKG employee scheduling solutions are industry-focused and designed to help you place the right people where and when they’re needed most — at work or in life. Balance flexible schedules for your people, manage compliance and safety risks, and ensure continuity for smooth business operations. It all starts with intelligent scheduling tools that can help you project business demand and align the talented people to get the job done.


Common Challenges Solved

Simplify Employee Scheduling

Simplify Employee Scheduling

Simplify the complex task of creating employee schedules with powerful tools that can improve employee engagement and help drive organisational goals. Easily make intelligent staffing decisions by allowing rules-based technology to do the heavy lifting. Communicate schedules quickly, manage compliance and safety risk, and provide scheduling fairness and transparency – all while increasing productivity, improving employee engagement, and controlling your labour costs.

Make Intelligent Staffing Decisions

Make Intelligent Staffing Decisions

Successfully drive your business goals by ensuring shifts are adequately covered, while also remaining nimble enough to pivot when needed. Put the right people where they’re needed the most with meaningful schedules that consider the needs of your business, but also the goals and preferences of your people. A trusted employee scheduling solution with forecasting capabilities and AI-driven insights can help you maximise business success and prevent employee burnout. Optimise employee schedules based on operational demand, budgets, union agreements, required skills, compliance, availability, and more.

Empower Employees

Empower Employees

Today’s workforce wants to feel empowered with tools that provide them with choices on when and where they work and that allow them to flexibly transition between life and work. A modern employee scheduling experience with self-service tools allows your people to be in control of their schedules -- anywhere and anytime. With the convenience of an employee scheduling app, they can easily view schedules, set scheduling preferences, manage availability, swap shifts, request coverage, stay up-to-date as schedules change, and more.

Employee Scheduling Solutions Designed to Support Your People

Provide your team with the most powerful tools to streamline employee scheduling and put the right people where they’re needed the most.

Workforce Management for Midsized to Large Organisations

UKG Dimensions™ provides AI-powered workforce solutions infused with tailored industry experiences to provide operational insights to empower your people.

Flexible HR, Time, and Pay for Smaller Organizations

UKG Ready™ leverages the power of HR, talent and time in a single solution to increase efficiency and simplify compliance.

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