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UKG can accelerate your success, helping to reduce costs and support your growth ambitions – whilst also delivering the modern work tools that today’s grocery employees expect.

Turning obstacles into opportunities in grocery

The obstacle: not enough insight

Without access to real-time analytics, making timely data-driven decisions on labour management is difficult – leaving your stores short, or overstaffed.

The opportunity: AI-driven analytics
empower you to enhance operational efficiency, reducing costs and boosting productivity.

The obstacle: not enough engagement

Some retailers struggle with employee engagement – which is proven to contribute to absenteeism and staff turnover.

The opportunity: Colleague self-service
mobile-first tools that empower colleagues, improving their work-life balance and driving loyalty.

The obstacle: not enough ROI

Too many managers waste their time on low-value administrative workforce-management tasks rather than ensuring the outlet is being run optimally.

The opportunity: intelligent scheduling
enable managers to spend more time on the shop floor and deliver real value.

Retail customers who have selected UKG for workforce management


Auchan, one of the world’s largest food retailers has 68,000 employees in France. They needed an efficient scheduling solution to ensure the right people with the right skills are in place to serve customers. The company also needed to optimise medium- and long-term forecasts, and scheduling to improve operational efficiency and optimise personnel management.

UKG solution:
“The combination of analytics, automation, and optimisation will result in organisational flexibility and simplification in support of our strategic 2022 business plan, which emphasises improved efficiency and agility and requires us to be reactive and flexible as consumer expectations continue to evolve.”
Olivier Fache, director of organisation and planning at Auchan

Carlie C’s

Carlie C’s IGA began as a single grocery store in Johnston County, North Carolina, in the early 1960s and grew over the years to 25 locations focused on serving the needs of the community. To achieve this mission, Carlie C’s IGA offers a full range of services, including curbside pickup and delivery, and invests in creating a flexible and engaging workplace for employees. Many of the stores are located in the same areas, enabling stores to share associates, who can swap shifts or pick up extra shifts at a nearby store.

UKG solution:
Seeking additional functionality to further improve its workforce management, increase efficiency, and enhance employee engagement, Carlie C’s IGA selected the Workforce Dimensions™ suite from UKG. The solution interfaces with existing HR and payroll systems.

Want to… engage your colleagues?

Want to… engage your colleagues?


Delivering the technology experience your colleagues expect

Next-generation workforce-management applications play a critical role in creating a positive workplace experience. Find out how your business can use Gartner’s findings to prepare for the future of grocery retail.



Managing your workforce with the use of mobile technology

By providing greater visibility for both managers and colleagues, UKG can help your grocery business stay ahead of changes in demand, communicate more effectively, limit absence, and reduce the number of first-year leavers.

Want to… schedule more efficiently?

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Beyond machine learning

With the power of machine learning, your grocery business can better optimise labour and schedule the right person to the right location at the right time. Enjoy accurate, data-driven forecasts and alleviate the stress of your colleagues’ and crank up the productivity.

Want to… unlock actionable insights?



Workforce management in the age of AI

When deployed using best practice, artificial intelligence and machine learning can streamline your grocery business’s workforce-management processes – ensuring compliance, improving forecasting accuracy, and streamlining shift-swapping processes.

Want to… manage your workforce effortlessly?



UKG Workforce Dimensions

Dimensions has been built with the future of global workforce management in mind, unleashing the power of your grocery business’s data to increase workforce productivity, control labour costs, engage colleagues and more.



Meet UKG Dimensions

At UKG, our mission is to optimise every grocery business’s most valuable resource: your people. UKG Dimensions gives you and your colleagues the tools to dig deep into analytics and empower your teams to do their best work.

And that’s not all

Release your people’s potential

At UKG, we’re showing businesses how to help their people do more – and stay longer.

Train a little, gain a lot

Access the training and strategic resources you need to achieve your workforce goals.

Accelerate your ROI

Say goodbye to cumbersome, time-consuming implementation processes. Say hello to UKG Paragon and its best-in-class deployment.

Invest in your future

Trust UKG as your strategic partner, and enjoy so much more than just world-class solutions.