The recipe for success

By integrating and automating fragmented and manually intensive processes, UKG can help your food or drink manufacturing business create a world-class production environment and become an amazing place to work.

Turning obstacles into opportunities in food and beverage manufacturing

The obstacle: not enough insight

Without access to real-time analytics, making timely data-driven decisions on labour management is difficult – causing bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.

The opportunity: AI-driven analytics
empower you to enhance operational efficiency, reducing costs and boosting productivity.

The obstacle: not enough engagement

A lack of engagement is proven to contribute to absenteeism and staff turnover. Training up new staff is particularly costly in manufacturing, especially when they don’t stick around.

The opportunity: Colleague self-service
mobile-first tools that empower colleagues, improving their work-life balance and driving loyalty.

The obstacle: not enough time

Too many managers spend their time on low-value administrative workforce-management tasks. This time and effort could be used to boost efficiency in other areas.

The opportunity: intelligent scheduling
empower managers to spend more time on the shop floor delivering real value.

Manufacturing customers who have selected UKG for workforce management


The largest bakery company in the US, Bimbo had approximately 15,000 employees using either Workforce Central v6 or iSeries across multiple applications. In order to streamline their workforce management, they moved to Workforce Dimensions.

UKG solution:
By consolidating two separate systems into a standard cloud–based solution for the entire U.S., Bimbo decreased maintenance and internal support requirements and costs, and leveraged real-time workforce management analytics data for improved decision-making – with a focus on reducing overtime costs.

Want to… prepare for a successful tomorrow?

Want to… prepare for a successful tomorrow?

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The new future of work

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the world of work. Fast, and forever. Discover the innovative technologies that can empower you to adapt and improve your resilience, productivity, compliance, and employee experience – all while cutting costs.



Growing the factory of the future

Did you know that digitalisation is set to bring businesses almost 3% in additional revenue and 3.6% in reduced costs per year? To capitalise, your food manufacturing business needs to advance its largest controllable expense: its labour. And UKG can show you how.

Want to… schedule more efficiently?

Want to… do more with your data?


UKG Dimensions Activities: improve operational performance with real-time insights into productivity

Inaccurate pay, misquoted jobs, costing discrepancies… without a solution to accurately track labour against activities, it’s easy to see how mistakes are made. Gain real-time visibility and make intelligent, data-driven decisions with UKG Dimensions Activities.

Want to… do more with your data?

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Unleash the power of your workforce data

Are you putting your data to work? If not you could be cutting absenteeism, securing compliance, reducing costs and even improving the quality of your food. Explore how UKG Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing can turn information you already have into a valuable tool.

Want to… engage your colleagues?


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Empowering the employee

Building a more efficient workforce in food manufacturing is about empowerment, not imposition. Uncover the emerging technologies enabling smarter working and boosting employee satisfaction – and see how they can drive better results for your business.

Want to… manage your workforce more effectively?



UKG Workforce Dimensions

Dimensions has been built with the future of global workforce management in mind, unleashing the power of your food manufacturing business’s data to increase workforce productivity, control labour costs, engage colleagues and more.

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Managing your workforce with the use of mobile technology

By providing greater visibility for both managers and colleagues, UKG can help you stay ahead of changes in demand, communicate more effectively, limit absence, and reduce the number of first-year leavers.

And that’s not all

Release your people’s potential

At UKG, we’re showing businesses how to help their people do more – and stay longer.

Train a little, gain a lot

Access the training and strategic resources you need to achieve your workforce goals.

Accelerate your ROI

Say goodbye to cumbersome, time-consuming implementation processes. Say hello to UKG Paragon and its best-in-class deployment.

Invest in your future

Trust UKG as your strategic partner, and enjoy so much more than just world-class solutions.