UKG Wellbeing at Work Solutions

It’s never been more apparent how critical it is for organizations to plan for business continuity and put into place processes that support your people and help protect your business during times of uncertainty. UKG Wellbeing at Work solutions help you lay the solid foundation you need to communicate with transparency and build trust with your people, connect employees with their work and local communities, and design and adapt flexible business strategies to ensure long-term success.

It’s a wellbeing plan for your people and your business.

UKG Wellbeing at Work

Protect Your Employees

Ensure your employees feel safe, supported, and confident in their ability to work with technology that helps you minimize risk and monitor crisis events. UKG Wellbeing at Work safeguards the mental and physical health of your people by using contact tracing, providing mobile check-in forms, and more.

Expand Lines of Communication

Alleviate workplace uncertainty and deepen the trust between your leaders and their teams by keeping your employees informed of critical updates and changes that could impact their ability to work. UKG Wellbeing at Work offers communication broadcast tools, on-the-go HR assistance, and more, to help decision-making in times of change.

Connect People with the Work that Matters Most

No matter where or how your people are working, you can help mitigate feelings of isolation with solutions that boost inclusivity and collaboration. UKG Wellbeing at Work helps you strengthen relationships across distance with AI-powered schedule recommendations, surveys to understand how your people truly feel, charitable opportunities that align with their values, and more.

Design and Adapt to a Changing World

Future-proof your people management processes by unlocking powerful insights that help you dynamically adjust to new workforce demands. UKG Wellbeing at Work improves business strategy by forecasting workplace fatigue, reducing compliance risk with proactive alerts, delivering real-time metrics into employee engagement, and more.


Access valuable resources and leadership guidance to help you put into place a well-being strategy that supports your people and your business.


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