UKG for Local Councils

Looking for a single solution for all your council’s workforce and human capital management needs? Our solutions provide management with real-time visibility into your whole workforce and helps supervisors and employees focus on what really matters –providing great service to the community.

Key Benefits

Simplify your systems with a single source of truth in the cloud

Standardise your processes to help manage labour costs and maintain compliance

Streamline your reporting and time off request processes to gain visibility into the entire workforce

Attract and retain an engaged and motivated workforce

Meet a Few of Our Customers

We think you’re pretty special when you’re a UKG customer. That’s why we build products designed to inspire your people — and your organisation — to grow and thrive. 

Resources & Insights

Leverage these resources to help you make informed workforce and organisational decisions.


UKG for Local Councils Solution Guide


UKG for Local Councils Persona Profile


Simplify, streamline and standardise your people management


UKG Ready Brochure


Learn how our workforce management, HCM, and payroll solutions help you achieve a better work experience for your people.