UKG InTouch DX

A reimagined time clock for the modern workforce, UKG InTouch DX™ empowers both employees and managers to work productively, with an easy-to-use interface that helps them do their jobs better.

Clock in Smarter

InTouch DX provides the usability and personalisation features that today’s employees expect, while delivering built-in intelligence to highlight issues and tasks that require immediate attention.

UKG TouchFree ID

Available as an integrated option with the InTouch DX, UKG TouchFree ID™ offers innovative, people-focused features that fit the way employees work today. Delivering touch-free convenience, the system is incredibly easy to use and recognises everyone in your workforce.

UKG TouchFree ID

Touch-free Convenience and Simplicity

Once you interact with TouchFree ID, there’s no need to reintroduce yourself – the system never forgets a face. Just smile, and you’re good to go. You can count on its dual-camera technology to recognise everyone in your workforce: every face, feature and height. Touchless technology also makes clocking in much more convenient. Just stroll up, glance over, and go about your day.

Sleek, streamlined and future-ready

Sleek, Streamlined, and Future-ready

With its sleek design and slim profile, the InTouch DX represents the latest in modern consumer electronics. A large, super-responsive touchscreen and optimised viewing angle help streamline and speed interactions. An always-on time/date display and brightly lit card reader icons make it easy for users to see clearly, so they can get down to business right away.

An intelligent, personalized interface

An Intelligent, Personalised Interface

UKG InTouch DX anticipates a user’s next task and combines related actions for faster interactions. After users authenticate, they get notifications about unread messages. The personalised home screen provides easy access to self-service options like time-off requests, clock-in reviews, shift swaps, and more – without needing to badge in for each separate task.

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UKG InTouch DX

InTouch DX takes the timeclock to the next level. The sleek, modern design and super-responsive screen will capture your attention. The built-in intelligence makes your job easier, and new touch-free capabilities make clocking in even more convenient.

UKG TouchFree ID

At UKG, we don’t just say that our purpose is people, we actually build our technology around them. TouchFree ID – available as an integrated option with the InTouch DX time clock – is convenient, easy to use, and recognises everyone in your workforce.

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