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Discover AI-powered workforce solutions with tailored industry experiences — built on an intelligent platform providing operational insights that empower your people.

Global Workforce Management Suite for Complex Industry Needs

Modern Cloud Solution

Leverage global workforce management on a modern cloud platform

Intelligent Recommendations

Balance the needs of your people against business objectives with ease

Robust Industry Expertise

Purpose-built functionality and expertise that meet complex industry-specific requirements

Create a Better Work Experience for Your People

UKG Dimensions™ (formerly Workforce Dimensions™), provides a global workforce management solution that is developed on a unified and highly configurable platform, enabling enterprise organisations to meet their unique industry needs while gaining the operational insights needed to elevate their greatest driver of success — their people.


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Solution Features

UKG Dimensions provides powerful features and functionality designed to meet your industry-specific needs — while also delivering operational insights to elevate the potential in your people.

  • InTouch DX

    UKG InTouch DX

    Say hello to the time clock of the future.

  • Hourly Timekeeping

    UKG Dimensions Hourly Timekeeping

    Simplify and automate time and attendance tracking.

  • Salaried Timekeeping

    UKG Dimensions Salaried Timekeeping

    A professional and efficient solution designed for the salaried worker.

  • Scheduling

    UKG Dimensions Scheduling

    Flexible scheduling solutions to support your people and their unique work-life experiences.

  • Analytics

    UKG Dimensions Analytics

    Empowering people managers to turn insight into action — in seconds.

  • Payroll

    UKG Payroll

    Drive efficiency and savings with a payroll solution that delivers the perfect payslip every time.

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    Transform Your Organisation

    Learn how the powerful UKG Dimensions workforce management suite can help you grow and champion meaningful experiences for your people — no matter your industry or location.

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    • Overall, UKG Dimensions represents a huge improvement for the business, especially in terms of data visibility. Without visibility into the business, you can’t change anything, because you don’t know what you don’t know. And with UKG, I feel like we have a dedicated team looking after us, helping us along the way. Whether it’s partnership, communication, ease of access to UKG people, it’s been a great experience.

      Barbora Muzikant, Coates Hire
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    Solution Guide

    Solution Guide

    The UKG Dimensions product suite helps meet both today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges by bringing industry-first, intelligent technologies to managing your most valuable resource: your people.


    Workforce Management Value Index

    This report provides a baseline of knowledge that organisations can use to evaluate vendors and products as a means to manage and improve workforce management.


    Workforce Management Technology in 2019

    As workforce management technology becomes more complex, it should create simpler interactions for end users, according to recent workforce management survey results.

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