Human Capital Management (HCM)

At UKG, our focus is and always will be people. That's why our human capital management (HCM) solutions are built to provide your HR team with the most powerful tools to support the entire employee lifecycle — from recruit to retire.

Help Your HR Team Build a People Strategy with HCM

Think of HR as the bridge between people, management, and leadership at your organisation. Your HR team is expected to adapt daily to juggle a wide array of activities in the moment — while also keeping a thoughtful eye on strategic priorities and continuous improvement. To be successful with so many competing areas demanding your focus, you need modern, connected HR technology that actively and intelligently supports you and the many people who rely upon you.


Common Challenges

Craft Powerful People Experiences

Craft Powerful People Experiences

Your people need to feel invested in their work to succeed. Your HR team’s top priority should always be enabling that level of experience for your people. Whether you’re proactively reaching out about potential burnout or flight risk, providing robust employee self-service options that empower collaboration and action anytime, anywhere, or collecting and analysing feedback, it’s all critical to making your people feel heard, seen, and valued.

Support the Life-Work Journey for All Your People

Support the Life-Work Journey for All Your People

HR isn’t the only role responsible for employee success. You also need to develop and enable your managers, no matter what stage of the employee lifecycle their teams are at. From smooth recruiting and seamless onboarding, to clear and transparent benefits management, you need to provide an easy path to help managers find, attract, and retain the right people. But you also need to provide the tools they need to stay ahead of day-to-day activity changes, foster a sense of belonging on their teams, and consistently maintain team performance and motivation.

Adapt to Workforce and Compliance Demands

Adapt to Workforce and Compliance Demands

As an HR professional, you also have to look out for yourself and minimise the amount of administrative overhead you’re dealing with in order to stay strategic. Automating regulatory compliance, consolidating employee records, and building business continuity into the regular flow of your work are all essential to maximising your time and opening the door to continuous process improvement.

HCM Solutions to Address Your Toughest Workforce Challenges

Provide your HR team with the most powerful HCM tools to support the entire employee lifecycle, from recruit to hire.

Workforce Management for Midsized to Large Organisations

UKG Dimensions™ provides AI-powered workforce solutions infused with tailored industry experiences to provide operational insights the empower your people.

Flexible HR, Time, and Pay for Smaller Organisations

UKG Ready™ leverages the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time in a single solution to increase efficiency and simplify compliance.

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