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Simplify, streamline, and standardise your people management

The right people management solution doesn’t just offer a greater sense of visibility into your workforce. It also helps ensure compliance, control labour-related costs, improve employee engagement, and free your people up to focus on what matters.

People are at the core of every organisation’s success. But the means of organising and tracking, engaging and reporting, analysing and scheduling your workforce can have an enormous effect on engagement, performance, compliance, and cost.

A modern people management solution tailored to your organisation’s needs does so much more than offer greater visibility and understanding of your workforce.

Let’s explore how UKG can help transform the way not-for-profit and government organisations work by simplifying, streamlining, and standardising people management processes.

User friendly: Simplify the system

Today many people run their lives from their smartphones. Do they have the ability to run their work lives that way, too?

A mobile-first system engages a multi-generational workforce, which is important for not-for-profit and government organisations. With such a system, employees are able to:

  • Check their own rosters and payslips
  • Swap or pick up shifts, reducing absenteeism
  • Check leave balances and make time-off requests with immediate response
  • Receive push notifications for roster changes
  • Clock in and out

Take lifeguards at pools and council-run aquatic centres, as an example. They can clock in and out of shifts, track their own certifications and know when they’re nearing expiration, while also managing their schedules to suit their own needs, as well as those of the organisation.

Liberate your employees: Streamline processes

It’s no secret that repetitive, time-consuming, and administrative tasks decrease productivity and dampen employee engagement. When those tasks are automated by a people management system, organisations benefit from increased levels of performance and efficiency. For example, people management systems can:

  • Automatically calculate multiple jobs and pay rates, resulting in reduced payroll errors and costs allocated accurately
  • Save time and effort for managers with fair, transparent, and compliant rosters created with a click of a button
  • Offer automatic call-outs to qualified and available employees to fill open shifts, helping to ensure accurate, optimum staffing levels
  • Enable employees to manage shift changes themselves, allowing managers to focus on more strategic tasks

All in one solution: Standardise for compliance and efficiency

For a not-for-profit or government organisation, the real superpower offered by a people management solution is standardisation.

Government and not-for-profit organisations, like many businesses, have people working across multiple locations and under numerous awards. They might be in gymnasiums or swimming pools, parks or other community facilities, after-school care or early learning centres. With such a spread of places and purpose, tracking and having consistent visibility into staff movements and activities can be challenging.

A proper solution is one that can be rolled out to every staff member at every location, introducing transparency and compliance assurance.

No matter how complex the organisation and how many types of awards they operate, a people management solution can help:

  • Ensure all employees across all locations are paid correctly
  • Reduce compliance risk by ensuring timekeeping and award interpretation are standardised across the entire organisation
  • Gather data into costly workforce trends that can be used to further improve efficiencies
  • Offer analytics and reporting capabilities, ensuring the right information is always available
  • Easily, accurately, and completely capture time by using multiple methods (time clocks, geofenced mobile, kiosks)

The value of a full-suite people management solution is more than just managing time and schedules. It’s about not-for-profit and government organisations having the tools they need to simplify, streamline, and standardise their processes, so they can focus on what matters - providing the best service to their communities.

Ready to transform your people management processes?