UKG for Distribution, Transport, and Logistics

Optimise overtime, streamline operations, improve productivity, and gain visibility

Distribution, transport, and logistics companies find themselves at the crossroads of a demand-driven supply chain and rising customer expectations. Despite increases in operational costs, such as labour, customers expect unprecedented levels of flexibility and responsiveness. For many organisations, this means having to do more with less. So what can your organisation do to remain a vendor of choice? Read this industry brief to learn how you can leverage UKG solutions to:

  • Gain visibility into workforce costs and productivity by automating old systems and centralising data under a single solution
  • Optimise scheduling of your workforce so you can do more with less
  • Cut down on overtime and absence to save on labour costs
  • Attract, engage, and retain your workforce
  • Minimise compliance risk by appropriately applying rules and policies associated with state and federal labour laws, industry regulations, and union agreements
  • Uncover hidden capacity by minimising idle time and aligning labour to demand

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