UKG for Hospitality Franchises

Solving complex franchise management challenges

As a franchise operator, you’re passionate about what you do and the people who help you do it. UKG knows better than anyone that your people are your greatest asset.

Below are just some of the ways that UKG for Hospitality Franchises can positively impact your people and organisation by offering an easy-to use, unified solution.

  • UKG’s unified platform streamlines hiring and onboarding processes, enabling your franchisees to easily attract, hire, onboard, and retain new employees.
  • Optimised business operations by automating manual processes for hiring, onboarding, scheduling, and timekeeping, therefore ensuring consistency across the board.
  • Our technology helps you better understand the human aspect of your franchisee network as well as the data and analytics behind schedule effectiveness, franchisee performance, and forecasted traffic and sales.
  • UKG provides effective workforce management strategies that enable your franchisee operators to be proactive.

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