UKG for Fatigue Management

Take a Proactive Approach to Tackling Fatigue Risk in Your Organisation

Reducing burn-out and adequately managing fatigue helps ensure your workforce has the energy to do their work effectively. Having the right tools in place to help reduce the impact of fatigue is critical to your workforce’s well-being and engagement.

By leveraging UKG’s powerful functionality, your organisation can gain the insight it needs to mitigate the risks of workforce fatigue, while also enabling you to eliminate damaging patterns in your schedules. UKG’s robust tools can help you identify key patterns of fatigue and generate compliant rosters that prevent fatigue creeping in.

Download this datasheet to discover how you can leverage UKG solutions to:

  • Review fatigue levels retrospectively and prospectively
  • Identify key patterns behind fatigue risk
  • Automate the process of flagging potentially problematic patterns
  • Manage burn-out by separating good overtime from bad overtime
  • Provide visibility into leave and absenteeism
  • Access metrics associated with potentially fatigue-inducing shift patterns, e.g., regular overnight and consecutive shifts

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