Marley Spoon - Cooking up a rapidly expanding business with an accompaniment of UKG

Learn about the benefits realised by Marley Spoon from leveraging their UKG Ready solution

Faced with inadequate systems at a time when the business was rapidly expanding, Marley Spoon knew they needed to implement a workforce management system that met their increasingly complex requirements. Overseeing full time, part time, hourly, and contract workers with varied awards and employment conditions meant that Marley Spoon was facing a variety of workforce management challenges that put them at risk of non-compliance.

Since implementing UKG Ready, Marley Spoon now enjoy the benefits of having a scalable solution that can continue to support them well into their future. Read this customer story to learn how UKG helped Marley Spoon to:

  • Reduce payroll errors via a single source of truth for payroll information
  • Save time and resources through fully automated award interpretation
  • Streamline their operations to enable growth without disruption

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