City Beach Improves Retail Task Forecasting and Execution

Learn how UKG helped City Beach improve their Retail Task Forecasting

Learn how City Beach streamlined their performance management and task forecasting with UKG Dimensions Task Management.

With UKG Dimensions Task Management, you can execute tasks that resonate with team members in the store, all whilst gaining real-time insights into employee performance and development.

City Beach has been using the UKG Dimensions solution to manage team member schedules, performance, and leave. Adding UKG Dimensions Task Management to better manage completion of retail store tasks has delivered on its purpose.

Employee engagement at all levels is a top priority for City Beach, and UKG Dimensions Task Management centralised all information and operations in one solution allowing team members working in a store to configure dashboard content that resonates with that team member and employees located in their distribution centre and head office.

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