One Touch. One Record. One Solution.

Add HCM and payroll to your existing UKG time solution and enjoy the benefits of one, streamlined solution across your entire business. By combining your processes under a single platform, UKG can help your organisation improve workforce visibility, simplify the user experience, reduce complex integrations, and boost efficiency. Say goodbye to multiple logins and disparate systems, and say hello to a, seamless experience!

What does one touch, one record, one solution mean for you?

One Touch for Your Employees

Your employees can now manage all their information in one place: leave allowances, HR data, schedules, payslips, and more. No longer do they need to deal with different systems throughout their employee life cycle, which helps boosts employee engagement.

One Record for Your Managers

Need to pull reports on your workforce but feel hampered by disparate systems? Take the guesswork and administrative burden away and give your managers access to detailed analytics and real-time insights across your entire business.

One Solution for Your Organisation

Manual, on-premise, and disparate systems can result in time-consuming and inaccurate processes, while complex integrations can cause unnecessary headache. Improve efficiencies across every aspect of your business by consolidating your systems into one streamlined solution.

We could not have executed our HR strategy without the introduction of UKG Ready. The solution has made a huge impact on how our employees are recruited, onboarded, measured, managed, and paid. The employees and managers love having the solution as their one-stop-shop

Jessica Hill, People and Culture Manager

Meet a Few of Our Customers

We think you’re pretty special when you’re a UKG customer. That’s why we build products designed to inspire your people — and your organisation — to grow and thrive. 

I can't speak highly enough of the UKG and Payroll Metrics team. The implementation has been one of the best experiences I've ever had, and the customer support has been second to none. Our payroll used to take 5 days to process, now it takes 1.5 days.

Melanie Davidson, Human Resources Manager


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One touch. One record. One solution.


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