UKG for Distribution, Transport, and Logistics

Want to make smarter decisions with greater visibility into your labour performance and costs? UKG’s solutions can help you allocate and align labour to demand with best-fit schedules, optimise services to easily handle variability, support your goals to attract, engage, and retain employees, and control labour costs by automating error-prone processes. Take advantage of the right technology to remain a vendor of choice for your customers.

Meeting Your Challenges

Optimise Scheduling to Meet Demand

Current trends present new challenges for distribution, transport, and logistics customers – whether that’s rising customer expectations, supply chain disruptions, or overwhelming demand. With UKG, you can find best-fit, best-cost workers to reallocate across your operations. Our automated tools and real-time visibility help you optimise service, manage costs, and handle variability — from last-minute orders to seasonal swings — to drive better business outcomes.

Attract, Engage, and Retain Your Workforce

Tackle the challenges of a limited workforce pool in today’s highly competitive landscape with best-in-breed technology and automation across your operations. Foster a safe work environment by scheduling staff in accordance with their skills, certifications, and licences. Engage your workforce with self-service tools that enable flexibility, increase transparency, and give your employees the best experience - from their first day to their last.

Manage Overtime and Labour Costs

Gain real-time visibility into your labour costs and overtime rates with UKG’s powerful labour scheduling and analytics solutions. UKG’s actionable insights into your workforce activities give you the ability to act fast and adapt to changing conditions. With detailed insight into the relationship between labour costs and productivity, you can easily make adjustments to increase operational efficiency and drive bottom line results.

Meet a Few of Our Customers

We think you’re pretty special when you’re a UKG customer. That’s why we build products designed to inspire your people — and your organisation — to grow and thrive. 

Resources & Insights

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UKG for Distribution, Transport, and Logistics


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