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UKG for Contract Cleaning

Shine a light on your workforce management, human capital management, and payroll processes. Are you getting the actionable insights you need, when you need them? UKG can provide the tools you need to minimise compliance risk, control labour costs, improve workforce productivity, and increase employee engagement.

Meeting Your Challenges

Improve Agility and Compliance

Improve Agility and Compliance

Stay ahead of compliance challenges and make the right decisions quickly using predictive analytics and KPI dashboards available across any device.

Increase Productivity and Margin

Help your managers add greater value by utilising labour resources more efficiently and effectively with real-time analytics and AI-driven process automation.

Engage Employees and Reduce Turnover

Cloud-based and mobile-first design empowers employees to take greater control of their work-life activity and further reduces administrative time and cost for managers.

Switch on the Lights

Whether you’re a small organisation or a large enterprise, you rely on your workforce to provide optimum service as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. A compliant organisation is ultimately more efficient and provides better service – all at a lower cost.

UKG solutions can give your contract services organisation the tools and deep visibility you need to keep compliant, manage labour costs to budget, drive quality performance, and better understand the cost of delivering services. In turn, you can bid more profitable business to your clients — all while delivering the kind of service that leads to higher levels of customer retention.


Leverage the below resources to help you make informed workforce and business decisions.

Solution Guide

UKG Dimensions Solution Guide

UKG Dimensions meets both today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges by bringing industry-first, intelligent technologies to manage your most valuable resource: your people.

Solution Guide

UKG Ready Brochure

UKG Ready offers human resources management, workforce management, and payroll management in a single, unified platform for the entire workforce.

Solution Guide

UKG for Cleaning Services and Facilities Management

Manage in the moment for greater profitability, client satisfaction, and business results.

UKG Payroll by Payroll Metrics

UKG Payroll by Payroll Metrics delivers complete automation to streamline payroll processing, reduce errors, and ease your administrative burden.

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