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UKG for Disability and Community Care

UKG is partnered with disability and community care organisations across the globe deliver an exceptional workplace technology experience. From empowering the modern care-giving workforce, to mastering labour-cost efficiency, and minimising compliance risk – UKG solutions have your organisation covered. While you’re busy caring for the community, we’re busy caring for your people and your business. Speak to our team today to learn how.

Technology that cares, for an industry that cares

Optimise Rostering for the Perfect Shift

Streamline even the most complex rostering requirements to ensure skilled employees are in the right place at the right time. Take advantage of intelligent automation to reduce scheduling administration whilst never sacrificing the confidence of having a compliant, fair, and efficient roster.

Gain Efficiencies in Managing Labour Costs

Gain control of labour costs with real-time visibility for supervisors and business leaders. Take informed action in the moment to optimise workforce activities, reduce the prevalence of over and under spending, and ensure labour is spread effectively across the areas of your organisation that need it most.

Deliver a First-Class Employee Experience

The modern care-giving workforce is always on the go. Ensure you’re equipping them with mobile solutions and automation to minimise the administration burden of manual time keeping, scheduling, leave management, payroll, and HR. Engage your workforce with tools in the palm of their hand, so they can work efficiently and effectively in providing for the community.

Wellbeing in Healthcare

Customer Stories

Mission Australia

Mission Australia

Dedicated to People: Mission Australia Partners with UKG for Their Workforce Mission



The ICLA Accelerate a Culture of Caring with the Help of UKG Ready

Melba Support Services

Melba Support Services

Workforce Technology Supporting Melba’s Commitment to People


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Empower the Modern Care-Giving Workforce and Streamline Cost-Efficiency with Intelligent Workforce Management Technology.

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