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With the challenges facing the public transport and rail industry today, it’s more important than ever that organisations are supported by the right workforce solution. UKG can help your organisation meet critical labour allocation needs, attract and retain your workforce, and give you greater visibility into workforce-related operational issues. Become an employer of choice with a better employee experience, so you can drive engagement, improve performance, and increase customer satisfaction.

Meeting Your Challenges

Attract, Engage, and Retain Your Workforce

Tackle the challenges of a limited workforce pool in today’s highly competitive landscape with optimisation and automation across your operations. Engage your workforce with self-service tools that enable flexibility, increase transparency, and give your employees the best experience - from their first day to their last.

Ensure Accurate Pay & Time Capture

Manual and disparate processes can make it difficult to ensure 100% wage accuracy for your employees, especially in highly regulated environments such as the public transport and rail industry. UKG’s solutions can help you deliver a perfect payslip for your people by correctly capturing employee time, allowances, and leave.

Manage Overtime and Labour Costs

Gain real-time visibility into your labour costs and overtime rates with UKG’s powerful labour scheduling and analytics solutions. UKG’s actionable insights give you the ability to act fast and adapt to changing conditions, while offering the critical information needed to staff smartly, optimise efficiencies, and increase employee productivity.

Our mission to become a world-class transit system hinges, in large part, on our ability to acquire the right tools and technology to empower our people—and UKG Dimensions is an essential part of that journey. The modern user experience is incomparable and will allow us to interact with our employees like never before, while automation is key to easing the burden on our managers. UKG has proven it is committed to innovating with us, as we work to bring our vision of becoming a best-in-class, people-first transportation agency to life.

Faisal Jameel, Chief Technology Officer

UKG customer stories

These customer stories demonstrate how UKG has helped other train operating companies with these challenges.

Greater anglia

Challenges: Customer experience, empowering managers and increasing employee engagement.

UKG solution: Workforce Dimensions


Challenges: Customer experience, empowering managers and increasing employee engagement.

UKG solution: Workforce Dimensions


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UKG Workforce Dimensions

UKG Dimensions has been built with the future of global workforce management in mind, enabling public transport and rail operators to increase workforce productivity, control labour costs and achieve better business outcomes through highly engaged employees.


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