Why UKG for Hospitality Franchises?

The hospitality industry, particularly quick service restaurants (QSRs), is on the verge of a wave of digital disruption, particularly as it relates to the workforce. It's never been more important for franchisors to provide their franchisees with the support and tools they need to run their business efficiently and profitably. Additionally, protecting your thin margins, maintaining brand reputation, and optimising the business is critical. UKG can help the Hospitality Franchises community through the workforce challenges of today and the future. Talk to our team of hospitality specialists or check out some of the below resources.

How can UKG help Hospitality Franchises like you?

Optimise business operations

Gain real-time visibility into your workforce for all franchisees, regions, and locations by automating manual processes for hiring, onboarding, scheduling, and timekeeping. By doing this, you can increase efficiencies, eliminate redundancies, and improve productivity throughout your organisation.

Mitigate compliance risk

The best defense against compliance violations is a combination of visibility, consistency, and automation. We can help you track regular time and overtime in real-time, create schedules that adhere to all labour laws, ensure accurate pay, and demonstrate that franchisees' employees have attested to taking meal and rest breaks.

Check out our helpful insights and resources.

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