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Rosen’s Diversified Streamlines Complex Payroll and Accelerates Reporting with UKG Pro

  • Streamlines management of complex payroll among diverse businesses

  • Gains instant access to precise, real-time analytics on dispersed workforce

  • Improves accuracy and efficiency with UKG Pro Open Enrollment — significantly reducing errors, data entry, and reconciliation

Rosen’s Diversified Modernizes HCM with UKG Pro

A vertically integrated company, Rosen's Diversified Inc. (RDI) provides quality agriculture products, operates the fifth-largest beef processing company in the U.S., conducts a fleet of over 500 semi-trailer trucks, and offers a complete line of performance pet products. RDI has developed many of its own brands and exports to over 38 countries. The company is comprised of Rosen's Inc., American Foods Group, America's Service Line and Performance Pet and Light Incorporated.


RDI had been using a mainframe system for its HR and payroll. After a merger pushed the company's employee population from 3,500 to 5,000 employees, HR leadership realized the company had to elevate its processes for human capital management (HCM).

With more than a dozen locations ― each with its own payroll processing requirements, including the autonomy to create unique compensation packages and payroll rules — RDI needed a very robust, flexible solution to handle its range of business complexities.


Since going live on the UKG Pro® solution, RDI has elevated its people management and supported its expansion with the cloud solution's flexible, powerful HCM capabilities.

"We have 14 locations, and each one functions as an independent entity that may have unions, varying pay rates and bonus structures, and different payroll frequencies, so we needed a technology solution that could handle our unique business requirements," said Trudy Gokey, Director of Benefits and HRIS at Rosen's Diversified. 

"Without a doubt, Pro is the best payroll engine available," she continued. "Now, our payroll is accurate, our business units can keep their own specific compensation strategies, and our teams can generate a range of business reports, determined by security access, on one business unit or on the company as a whole."

With Pro, the HR team at RDI can quickly gather business intelligence to address issues such as turnover by reason, department, or by any metric stored in Pro.

Rather than relying on locations to submit data that then had to be manually compiled, was not current, or could have errors, the team has immediate access to detailed, real-time analytics with Pro.

Another source of improved accuracy and efficiency for RDI is Pro's benefits open enrollment feature. Employees can easily make changes to their benefits selections during open enrollment, which are then quickly transmitted to benefits providers without manual data entry — significantly reducing errors, reconciliation, and inefficiencies.

"Without a doubt, Pro is the best payroll engine available. Now, our payroll is accurate, our business units can keep their own specific compensation strategies, and our teams can generate a range of business reports on one business unit or on the company as a whole."

Trudy Gokey

Director of Benefits and HRIS


Because Pro can easily integrate with other applications or service providers, RDI has automated the transfer of benefits information to and from providers. Results for RDI include a smooth, efficient open enrollment process with increased time and cost savings.

"Pro's integration with third-party providers and systems has eliminated days of data entry for our HR teams," said Gokey.

"Our HCM solution is accessible to everyone 24/7, and the amount of time Pro has saved us has been immense," she added. "Now, we can refocus our efforts where we want them — on our employees."

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