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Olympus Property Uses UKG Pro to Support Culture

  • Delivers on the trust and positive experience company seeks for its employees with the UKG Pro Model My Pay functionality

  • Processes payroll quickly and handles different pay combinations based on business needs

  • Aligns workplace culture with mission through UKG Pro Performance Reviews

Olympus Property

Olympus Property’s culture is based around the concept of a family that strives to satisfy its customers. As a result, the company prides itself on providing superior living environments and unparalleled service. Since its founding in 1992, Olympus’ portfolio has grown to over 17,000 units located in nine U.S. states.


Prior to deploying the UKG Pro® solution, Olympus used an expensive Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solution left over from when the company was significantly smaller. As the company grew, it recognized a need for a human capital management (HCM) solution that could provide multistate support, improve a manual, spreadsheet-driven payroll process, and deliver a higher level of service.


“We know UKG shares our values, and we think of UKG as a partner that takes care of our people,” said Stephanie Grant, Director of People at Olympus Property. “When our employees interface with UKG Pro, it’s very intuitive. For example, Pro’s Model My Pay functionality delivers on the kind of trust and positive experience we try to build for our employees. Our team members take advantage of Model My Pay because we offer a variety of bonuses and rewards. Employees enjoy simulating their pay based on potential changes, and they can get fast answers through the solution. There’s no paperwork or calls to the Payroll team. Team members simply input potential adjustments, and the tool calculates their estimated take-home pay. With Pro, we are giving our team members peace of mind.”

Now with Pro, real-time information is available in one single-source location, and reports are highly configurable, which supports the HR and payroll teams meeting increasing demands for complex analysis.

“We use Pro’s reporting on a daily basis to address everything — HR compliance requirements, company asset tracking, benefits deduction analysis, employee tenure, turnover and retention, and more,” said Grant.

“In order to effectively manage employees, executives and managers need instant access to meaningful, real-time metrics and analytics on their people. With Pro, all of our HCM-related reporting is so much easier.”

“Pro’s ability to support our people not only improves their engagement, but gives me greater job satisfaction personally.”

Stephanie Grant

Director of People


Grant noted that Pro’s payroll functionality overall is a key part of earning employees’ trust and driving a high-performance culture.

“Pro’s ability to support our people not only improves their engagement, but gives me greater job satisfaction personally,” said Grant. “With UKG Pro Pay, I know that payroll is being processed on time and accurately, and that, from a compliance perspective, the taxes are being calculated correctly. I can rely on Pro to process payroll quickly and handle the different combinations of pay based on our business needs.”

To further align its workplace culture with its mission, Olympus is also taking advantage of UKG Pro Performance Reviews.

“Our performance management process, including increases in employee pay, used to be very paper- and spreadsheet-heavy. With UKG Pro Performance Reviews, I can get instant access to reports showing the progress of performance reviews, so I can ensure that all our team members are included. Competencies and goals have also been added to the solution, so we can all move in the same direction. Managers love that I initiate and distribute the template to them in Pro, and the workflow is automatic. UKG Pro Performance Reviews also lets me track employees who depart and join our company during the performance review process, minimizing any disruption.”

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