Customer Story

Monticello Independent Schools Uses UKG Ready to Streamline Timekeeping

  • Seamlessly interfaces with the schools’ ReadySub solution to track nonexempt employees' leave time, whether they need a sub or not

  • Easily tracks nonexempt employees' regular time and extra-duty time

  • Accurately tracks employees' actual overtime to ensure they are paid correctly

Monticello Independent Schools

Monticello Independent School District is a public school district in Minnesota. They have approximately 250 employees and serve 4,200 students across six schools. There is one pre-K education center, two elementary schools (1st-5th grade), one middle school (6th-8th grade) and one high school (9th-12th grade).


At the pre-K education center, the elementary schools, middle school, and high school that are part of Monticello Independent Schools, nonexempt employees — food service, custodial, paraprofessionals, secretarial, and child care assistants — used an electronic timekeeping solution that wasn't compatible with the district's automated ReadySub solution.

The district also wasn't able to pull extra-duty time from the timekeeping solution and had to manually enter this extra time from paper timesheets, which was a time-consuming process. With overtime also tracked on paper, administrators had questions about whether overtime was being accurately reported and paid correctly.


Monticello Independent Schools chose UKG Ready® from the UKG for K-12 solution to automate tracking time and attendance and accrued time of nonexempt employees for improved productivity, labor-cost control, and compliance. UKG Ready interfaces with the district’s ReadySub solution, which simplifies managing employee absences and substitute assignments.

“UKG is built how we need it, so we didn't have to figure out how to fit into time and attendance. We were blown away by how customizable it is, the changes we could make, and the different ways we could make it fit our needs.”

Amy Stahlback

Controller, Monticello Independent Schools


Although a time clock is set up in each building, most nonexempt employees use the UKG® mobile app to clock in and out. UKG Ready Mobile allows employees to submit timesheets and time-off requests and view schedules, accrual balances, and pay statements  anytime and anywhere.

UKG Ready Time seamlessly integrates with ReadySub, enabling these employees to input their leave time into ReadySub and select whether they need a sub. Subs quickly receive a text message through ReadySub when their services are needed.

An employee's absence information is sent to the UKG solution, which also automatically applies nightshift differentials and predetermined custodial time for weekend building checks. Nonexempt employees completing extra activities, such as taking tickets at sporting events, punch in on the mobile app in the activity's cost center for this time. Overtime is now automatically tracked and calculated through UKG Ready Accruals Manager, streamlining the process, increasing efficiency and compliance, and ensuring labor costs are accurately reported.

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