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La Crosse County Uses UKG Solutions to Improve Workforce Management and Act as Good Stewards of Taxpayer Dollars

  • Ensures all employees are paid correctly for all time worked and according to county and union pay rules

  • Provides real-time accrual balances so supervisors can see if employees have time available when granting leave requests

  • Creates fair and balanced schedules and overtime assignments for sheriff’s deputies

LaCrosse County

La Crosse County, the largest county in western Wisconsin, employs approximately 1,400 FTEs across 26 departments spread out across the county.


Timesheets were delivered weekly by hand or courier or were faxed to payroll for processing. A payroll staff person spent one-and-a-half days each week entering employee time, which had been approved by supervisors who weren’t always familiar with the pay rules.

A one-foot high stack of timesheets waited each week to be boxed and then stored for three years. An audit showed timesheets without employee signatures, creating compliance issues for the county.

Without access to current accruals information, supervisors sometimes approved unearned time off for employees.

The sheriff’s office also needed a new scheduling system to accurately reflect overtime and 24/7 schedules.


La Crosse County implemented the UKG TeleStaff™ scheduling and shift notification solution for sheriff’s office staff and a UKG® workforce management solution for all other county staff. The solutions interface with the county’s HR, payroll, and finance solution.

“We definitely are being good stewards of county taxpayer dollars by implementing this [UKG] system so that we are being efficient in how we process payroll, and we are paying people properly and correctly.”

Mary Marco

Human Resources Director


The solutions are delivering multiple benefits across county departments. Using UKG TeleStaff, the sheriff’s office has automated schedules and detailed reporting on overtime — and can easily calculate charge backs for the time officers spend working events.

Now when county nursing home employees work at more than one facility, their time is automatically charged to the correct facility, ensuring the right cost center is charged.

Automated supervisor approval and transfer of employee time has streamlined payroll processing, eliminating hours of data entry and boxes of paper timesheets. An audit can now be performed with the click of a button, instead of HR/payroll staff spending considerable time searching through boxes of paper files.

With pay and work rules built into the UKG solutions, the county is confident that employees are being paid correctly, and employees know they are being paid for all their time worked, improving their engagement.

Access to real-time accruals balances, by employees and supervisors, has eliminated granting of unearned time. Fair and consistent granting of leave time also boosts employee engagement.

Using this technology has enabled La Crosse County to be more efficient, consistent, and fair in managing employees across all departments, better positioning the county to attract and retain quality staff.

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