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Ideal Innovations Improves Global Visibility, Makes Strategic Gains with UKG Pro

  • Gives detailed visibility into global workforce analytics

  • Delivers immediate business intelligence to executives for strategic decision-making

  • Provides one central hub for global employee information via the latest cloud technology

Ideal Innovations Boosts Global Staff Visibility

Ideal Innovations, Inc. is a consulting firm that provides cutting-edge technological, scientific, engineering, and security solutions to government and private industry. Ideal Innovation's headquarters are in Arlington, Virginia, and the company has additional personnel working in northern Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, and Washington State as well as overseas.


With approximately 30% of its workforce overseas and the rest of its employees dispersed across the U.S., Ideal Innovations wanted a single solution that could accommodate its unique requirements for human capital management (HCM). Employing salaried, hourly, and contract workers, the company needed a cohesive solution that could handle its North American payroll complexities while delivering global reporting on its entire workforce.


Ideal Innovations selected the UKG Pro® solution to centralize its global employee information into one, tightly aligned system of record, and UKG technology for global HCM technology, which has been instrumental in keeping the company's people connected to the business no matter where they are.

"UKG Pro enables us to quickly capture accurate data on our global workforce so that we can have detailed visibility into our workforce as a whole, and then we can slice and dice the info however needed," said Hope Farmer, Vice President of Human Resources at Ideal Innovations. "Our employees around the world can log in to Pro with anytime, anywhere availability and have secure access to their personal data."

By leveraging Pro as the primary HR system of record for all multinational employees, Ideal Innovations' people management team can access vital employee reports and analytics. For example, HR and payroll teams can quickly generate and deliver reports on total global headcount, employee tenure, hires, re-hires, terminations, and more — by the entire company or by individual country.

These teams can track employees' personal, job, salary, benefits, and other HCM-related information for multiple countries; instantly view global compensation information; and make employee contact information visible to the multinational workforce. "Pro is our central hub of employee information, and we can easily point everyone — employees, managers, and executives — to one place where they can view, update, or gather information that addresses and supports their individual needs," said Farmer.

"Our teams are able to use UKG Pro for business intelligence that we can take to the C-suite about why we should take a particular action. The high level of business intelligence that we have now with Pro has been very impactful in how operate."

Hope Farmer

Vice President of Human Resources


"We have seen significant business gains by having one cohesive HCM solution that contains current and accurate data that is easily accessible to our dispersed workforce," she noted.

With Pro, businesses like Ideal Innovations can gather data that can be immediately synthesized for strategic decision making. "Our teams are able to use Pro for business intelligence that we can take to the C-suite about why we should take a particular action. The high level of business intelligence that we have now with Pro has been very impactful in how we operate and how we have improved processes," said Farmer.

"Pro is allowing us to modify employment agreements based on hiring and termination trends, as well as make financial forecasts and then make immediate adjustments that are aligned with our budgets," she explained.

UKG Pro also provides organizations with strategic insight into recruitment and talent management while delivering real-time data to HR teams in order to quickly and accurately address daily requests.

"Because of Pro, our leadership teams have full confidence in the information we are delivering," said Farmer. "Additional advantages are that the technology is so easy to use and that we are better supporting our business with the right data. Pro has brought outstanding results across our entire organization."

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