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HOLT CAT Achieves Savings and Efficiencies with UKG Pro

  • Frees IT staff from responsibilities related to system maintenance

  • Streamlines talent acquisition and removes paper-intensive processes

  • Delivers instant workforce reporting through cohesive HCM

HOLT CAT Achieves Savings and Efficiencies with Cloud-Delivered UKG

HOLT CAT sells, rents, and services Caterpillar machines, engines, and generator sets in 118 counties in Texas. The company also offers total machine and engine rebuild capabilities, sells used equipment around the world, and fabricates its own line of land-clearing equipment and HOLT Spray King® water tankers. For more than 100 years, HOLT CAT has come to be synonymous with quality, integrity, and commitment to customer service.


HOLT CAT had been using an HR/payroll application provided by a payroll service bureau, and after 18 months of using the system, the equipment dealership found this provider and its reporting tools inadequate.

With multiple offices — and 1,900 employees — to manage, HOLT CAT needed a comprehensive human capital management (HCM) solution that would allow executives, managers, and HR teams to easily generate HR/payroll-related reports on individual dealerships, specific regions, or the company as a whole.


Since going live with UKG Pro®, HOLT CAT has improved reporting, reduced expenses, and increased the efficiency of  numerous business processes.

"The previous system didn't perform as we'd hoped, and it was causing us to spend too much time manually compiling information for reports, like those needed for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We were able to quickly roll out UKG Pro and then gain control over our information. Now we can pull the reports we need in seconds," said Bonnie Downey, Payroll Manager for HOLT CAT.

"Pro is also less expensive than our previous system," she added. "Our initial analysis predicted a $100,000 savings per year. We are achieving or exceeding this figure."

By using Pro to streamline its business processes for HR and payroll, HOLT CAT is minimizing the cost and effort required to print, handle, mail, and store paper forms and paychecks as well as alleviating duplicate data entry.

Because employees and managers have instant access to their information with Pro, the company has moved to a paperless payroll process and improved a range of paper-intensive processes, such as talent acquisition.

"Previously, we had forms moving among dozens of different locations, bogging everyone down with paper and slowing our time-to-hire," said Downey. "Now with Pro, we can quickly get applicant details to hiring managers in the field, and when a candidate is selected, the new hire's HR/payroll information automatically moves into Pro without data entry."

"UKG Pro is also less expensive than our previous system. Our initial analysis predicted a $100,000 savings per year. We are achieving or exceeding this figure."

Bonnie Downey

Payroll Manager


HOLT CAT selected Pro because this cloud solution relieves the dealership of responsibilities related to system maintenance. UKG supports the servers, performs backups, and manages upgrades — enabling HR and IT teams to focus on key business requirements. The company doesn't incur expenses related to running an ever-expanding IT department or struggle with playing the role of a systems integrator.

"Pro supports our business with a sophisticated, end-to-end HCM solution that includes strategic reporting and analysis tools — without the IT burden of managing on-premise software or investing in infrastructure," said Downey. "As a result, we have been able to improve our bottom line, cut costs, and reduce the amount of time that our team spends on nonvalue-added activities, like data entry and handling paper forms.

"Our IT staff also has found Pro's security to be excellent, and they are not only comfortable with UKG's maintaining the hardware and software, they are happy about it," she noted. "With Pro, every move we're making is a step forward."

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