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GPS Hospitality Manages Acquisition Growth to 10,000 Employees with UKG Pro

  • Supports scalability as the company doubled in size and easily hit its UKG Pro go-live date, with minimal HR and payroll staff

  • Eliminates substantial manual tasks with UKG Pro’s configurability

  • Delivers great value and partnership support through excellent customer service

GPS Hospitality Manages Huge Growth with UKG Pro

GPS Hospitality, operator of more than 400 Burger King and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurants, has more than 10,000 active employees who strive to stand out in a competitive industry by maintaining a commitment to being “Service Obsessed.”


As a culture-conscious company that believes people are its greatest asset, GPS Hospitality sought HR technology that could deliver a great employee experience. The company selected the UKG Pro® human capital management (HCM) solution, and two months later made an acquisition that doubled its size from 200 to 400 restaurants.


"With minimal HR and payroll staff, we were able to absorb about 5,000 new employees into our system and had no trouble hitting our UKG Pro go-live date," said Christy Norris, Director of Payroll and HRIS at GPS Hospitality. "The people and technology behind Pro assisted us in our complex transformation. The UKG® launch team understood our staffing challenges and collaborated with us to support our business objectives."

GPS Hospitality partnered with UKG Pro Managed Services, UKG's full-service HR and payroll administration option, to help manage this transition. According to Norris, the company relied on UKG for administrative operations throughout the first year, and then transitioned to run its own payroll at the beginning of the following year.

“In all my years working with HCM solutions, I have never felt as much support on a product as I do with UKG Pro.”

Christy Norris

Director of Payroll and HRIS


"With more than a decade of HCM administration experience on three other solutions, I found over the past year that Pro's usability sets it apart," said Norris. "I love how easy it is to configure Pro for our particular needs. For example, a platform-configuration rule for a job change eliminated a substantial manual task when we promoted an assistant manager to general manager. I was also able to build our org levels and set them up by region, district, and division."

"With Pro, I can change the names of fields and edit labels to enhance the user experience for both HR and the employee," added Norris. "Most importantly, because Pro is a comprehensive HCM suite, I only have to make a change in one place and it populates everywhere."

While Norris has enjoyed Pro's comprehensive HCM application and ability to effectively manage employee-related transactions, she reports that UKG's customer service has been the most valuable aspect of her partnership with UKG.

"What I love most about UKG is that I always have a team I can reach out to," said Norris. "I have a number of UKG employees dedicated to my account — an expert who is continually optimizing my configuration, a relationship manager focused on my strategic goals, and the whole team is in touch with one another. In all my years working with HCM solutions, I have never felt as much support on a product as I do with Pro."

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