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GNSA Partners with EverythingBenefits, a UKG Company, and Increases Profit Margin by 30%

  • Automates electronic data interchange (EDI) processes with digitized forms, saving time and improving client service

  • Expands the prospective client base with more cost-effective solutions for small to midsize businesses

  • Improves productivity to provide more time for revenue-generating activities, which have increased the profit margin by 30%

GNSA is an Oregon-based payroll, human resource, and benefits administration firm specializing in supporting small to midsize clients.

increase in profit margin
increase in number of prospective clients

GNSA’s resources were consumed by the manual and time-intensive process of building EDI forms for clients. EDI creation took upwards of four months and three to four employees to complete. The complexity of the process made training new employees difficult. The profit margin was low for this activity, and some of the expenses were passed on to the client. In addition, the manual process was prone to human error, delays, and exposure to liability risk.


GNSA forged a partnership with EverythingBenefits, a UKG company, to automate its EDI processes and optimize internal resources to better serve clients. GNSA’s deep integration with the EverythingBenefits Carrier Connectivity solution ― with features that enable the use of digitized forms ― has given GNSA the ability to serve a larger pool of clients and increase its profit margin.

“The automation of manual tasks enabled our team to divert attention to revenue-generating activities and increased our profit margin by 30%.”

Katharina Fink

Director of Client Services


What helped propel GNSA’s decision to partner with EverythingBenefits was the positive feedback the company received from other EverythingBenefits partners, as well as the prospect of automating a process that was critical to GNSA’s success.

“Onboarding new clients and training our employees to navigate the system was extremely simple and easy,” said Katharina Fink, Director of Client Services at GNSA, about getting her clients set up with the EverythingBenefits Carrier Connectivity solution. “Anyone at GNSA can perform the necessary tasks, which has given me the time to take on other projects we are working on.”

When asked what has made the most impact to GNSA, Fink shared that it was the ability to use digitized forms versus just EDI. “This has opened the doors for me to offer these products to a much broader range of prospects,” she explained. “Before, we were only able to work with clients with 75 employees and above, and now I can go to smaller clients with the solutions. This has allowed us to increase the number of prospective clients within our book from 20% to 70% currently.”

She also shared that due to resource re-allocation, they have been able to increase the company’s profit margin. “The automation of manual tasks enabled our team to divert attention to revenue-generating activities and increased our profit margin by 30%.”

GNSA actively leverages EverythingBenefits in the company’s sales cycle and continues to transition clients to the EverythingBenefits platform.

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