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Davita Eliminates Manual Processes with UKG Document Manager

  • Supports easy creation of documents with information from the HR system

  • Simplifies managing employee documents in one secure place for HR compliance

  • Streamlines delivery of reports from screening and background check vendors through integration

Davita Eliminates Manual Document Processes

Davita Kidney Care, based in Denver, Colorado, is the nation's leading healthcare provider of kidney dialysis and support services. The company is committed to elevating the health and quality of life of patients around the world and continues to expand its operations to improve healthcare access in nine countries outside the U.S.


Davita's mission is focused on delivering healthcare service excellence, but its HR processes and systems were not as leading edge as its healthcare services. The company relied on paper personnel files, creating a time-consuming, manual process for staff managing employee background check and drug screening reports.

Facility administrators typically contacted the company's HR team via email to request a background or drug screening report for employees working in a hospital setting. The HR team had to track down the reports and then email them to the administrators.

Realizing the process was inefficient — and committed to continuous improvement — Davita sought an automated solution that would eliminate some of its manual, paper-based HR processes.


"We were intrigued by having it all in a cloud platform and being able to report and find out when documents are expiring, and being able to track and remove some of the manual process for our patient-facing roles," said Laura Whitcomb, Manager, People Strategy & Project Management Office at Davita.

With these goals in mind, Davita implemented UKG Document Manager to actively and securely manage its HR files. The solution is seamlessly integrated with the company's Workday solution and Davita's drug screening and background report vendors.

“One of my favorite things is the support that we've seen with our integrations and our partnership with our [UKG] CSM.”

Laura Whitcomb

Manager, People Strategy & Project Management Office


With this integration in place, drug screening and background report files flow directly into employee files and can be easily and quickly accessed by HR staff. Document Manager enables Davita's HR professionals to efficiently and compliantly manage employee files in one secure place and from anywhere.

"We're incredibly thankful and looking forward to seeing how [the integration with documentation vendors] will impact not only our patient-facing roles, but our HR professionals as well," said Whitcomb.

She noted that Document Manager makes it far easier to locate documents and track when they expire, helping to ensure that the company is in compliance.

"One of my favorite things is the support that we've seen with our integrations and our partnership with our [UKG] CSM," she added. "He's been incredibly helpful with thinking out of the box, getting things done in a timely manner, and being extremely responsive to all of our asks."

And with Document Manager streamlining Davita's HR processes, the company's HR staff is freed up for strategic activities.

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