Customer Story

UKG Helps Crocs, Inc. Unify Global People Operations

  • Delivers visibility into critical labor data across the Crocs, Inc. global enterprise from a centralized location to make better business decisions

  • Enables ability for managers to align budgeted hours to how many store or warehouse employees are needed at any time to meet customer demand

  • Provides real-time access to UKG Pro Workforce Management from any location worldwide, on any device, including the ability for employees to view their schedules and swap shifts from anywhere

As a world-renowned casual footwear innovator, Crocs, Inc. sells shoes in 85 countries and employs more than 6,000 people at retail stores, distribution centers, and corporate headquarters in the U.S. as well as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America (EMEALA), and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.


A large enterprise with corporate, retail, and warehouse locations worldwide, Crocs, Inc. lacked visibility into the day-to-day activities of its global workforce. Most of the organization’s locations relied on manual processes and disparate systems, which made it difficult to uncover efficiencies and view data across the enterprise.


Recognizing the need for a centralized solution for its workforce management needs, Crocs, Inc. selected the intelligent UKG Pro Workforce Management™ solution, formerly known as UKG Dimensions®, for advanced scheduling, forecasting, and timekeeping to support its people and long-term growth plans.

“As our business expands, we need to be able to scale our global cloud platforms. UKG is able to do that and is part of our overall IT strategy. Historically, most of our regions operated independently of one another in the sense that they relied on manual processes or homegrown solutions for their workforce management needs. It was difficult to view data across networks and understand where our efficiencies were, and it became clear we needed a global platform to best support our business and our people. That’s where UKG Pro Workforce Management came in.”

Doug Goehl

VP Customer Technologies


Working in collaboration with the UKG Global Delivery Services team, Crocs, Inc. first implemented Pro Workforce Management at its U.S. corporate, retail, and warehouse locations. Within a year, its EMEALA and APAC locations were live on the solution as well, including the company’s HEYDUDE footwear brand, which was acquired mid-project.

“There was a lot of complexity to that project, and the fact that we were able to get that population live with the rest of our global workforce in such a short time was remarkable,” said Goehl. “The reason we were so successful was because of our partnership with UKG. We acted as one team and made decisions together. It was an amazing transformation in a very short amount of time.”

Since going live, one of the biggest benefits to Crocs, Inc. has been the ability to access Pro Workforce Management from any location worldwide — on any device — and get visibility into key labor data from a centralized location. Mobile accessibility allows employees to view their schedules and swap shifts, so they can better plan their life and work responsibilities. Managers also can better align budgeted hours to how many store or warehouse employees are needed at any time to meet customer demand.

“It used to take hours for store managers to schedule their teams, and it was very difficult to forecast how many employees would be needed at any point in time because we didn’t have reliable, historical data," said Goehl. Now, with Pro Workforce Management, managers worldwide can schedule their teams within minutes. And as we continue to roll out forecasting in the U.S. and globally, we’ll be better positioned to make the best decisions for our business.” 

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