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UKG Ready Solution Helps Conover360 Close 80% of Deals

  • Provides customers with continual updates using cloud-based technology and scales as their business grows

  • Operates on one comprehensive platform with a single employee record, database, workflow, reporting engine, and security

  • Supports effective management of the entire workforce from pre-hire to retire, streamlining processes, improving productivity, and increasing employee engagement

UKG Ready Solution Helps Conover360 Close 80 Percent of Deals

Based in the Seattle, Washington area, Conover360 provides a consultative approach to human resource (HR) services, payroll solutions, employee benefits management, legislative/compliance support, and administrative assistance. For organizations with 1 to 10,000 employees, Conover360 provides a unique and cost-effective way to manage the essential aspects of their HR needs, all within a single source. Conover360's people, processes, and technology enable companies to effectively and strategically manage one of their most critical assets: their employees.


As a human capital management (HCM) service provider, Conover360 was frustrated that its HCM vendor restricted its interaction with customers, creating a lack of control of the software, processes, and service in resolving customer issues. The vendor's inflexible and disjointed platform inhibited Conover360 in servicing larger clients with complex needs or closing new business.

Conover360 also was unable to private-label and customize the platform, causing brand inconsistencies and prospect confusion during the sales cycle.

Conover360 wanted a partner and a solution that could provide robust HCM functionality, from recruiting, onboarding, and performance management to time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, and payroll. The company also wanted a solution that would enable it to private-label and customize the HCM platform to its specifications and provide direct service to customers.

To meet the HCM needs of larger organizations with complex requirements, Conover360 also wanted a solution with flexibility and scalability.


Through the UKG Ready® Partner Network's private-label model, Conover360 is now able to provide a robust HCM cloud solution on one platform to employers across all industries to help them better manage labor costs, improve workforce productivity, increase employee engagement, minimize compliance risk, and make informed business decisions. In addition, the company has access to product marketing and single-contact product support.

"We have experienced a significant reduction in our average sales cycle from first engagement to close since joining the UKG partnership [through the UKG Ready Partner Network]."

Brandon Baker



Conover360 has increased visibility and market share in the HCM industry by customizing and branding the UKG Ready solution to its unique specifications.

"We have experienced a significant reduction in our average sales cycle from first engagement to close since joining the UKG partnership [through the UKG Ready Partner Network]," said Brandon Baker, Co-Founder of Conover360.

Since becoming a UKG Ready partner, Conover360 has significantly grown its business by closing an average of 80% of all deals and is able to expand its presence on a national and international scale. The solution's integrated benefits administration functionality has enabled Conover360 to propel sales by upselling additional services such as benefits and insurance.

Taking advantage of an extensive selection of brandable, industry-specific collateral and product datasheets, Conover360 has bolstered its marketing efforts in attracting larger customers with complex HCM needs.

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