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ARDOT Leverages the AI-powered UKG Pro Suite for Strategic Data-driven Decision Making in Support of Great Workplace Experiences

  • Single source of truth for all HR, payroll, and workforce management data

  • Access to real-time reports including payroll, turnover, and employee overtime

  • Ability to more accurately budget-plan and submit data for federal reimbursement

A construction worker wearing a hard hat and safety vest uses a tablet computer.

Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) is the state agency responsible for managing transportation infrastructure in the state of Arkansas. The agency employs 3,800 people, the majority of whom are field-based employees.


Committed to providing a great workplace experience for all employees, ARDOT sought a more comprehensive human capital management (HCM) suite where it could access HR, payroll, and workforce management data in real time as well as empower its primarily field-based workforce with anywhere-access to real-time information.


A long-time UKG workforce management customer, ARDOT adopted the AI-powered UKG Pro® suite to accurately budget-plan, reduce compliance risk, minimize employee turnover, and provide its workforce with access to important data via the UKG Pro mobile app. 

“HR data is critical to effective decision-making, and UKG has been a game-changer for us. With UKG, our workforce data lives in one place, which means we can generate real-time reports for everything from payroll to turnover to employee overtime. Before UKG, it could take weeks to get that information, which meant it was already out of date and not actionable by the time we received it. With UKG, I have confidence in the timeliness and accuracy of the data.”

Alicia Hunt

Division Head of HR at ARDOT


As a government agency, ARDOT relies heavily on federal funding for large highway and infrastructure improvement projects, so access to data such as employee hours worked and incurred overtime is crucial to reimbursement efforts and budget planning. 

“UKG has been an incredibly valuable tool, especially for budget planning,” said Hunt. “During payroll processing, the UKG Pro solution generates a payroll history table that includes all employee activity data that we can pull into our accounting system. Having that data available in the UKG Pro suite means we can run reports on-demand and access a plethora of information instantly, which we can present to our executive management for monitoring. The information is also used for federal reimbursement from the Federal Highway Administration, which audits and monitors our compliance. And, because the information is in real time, after closing out each pay period, we know exactly how we’re tracking to our budget and how much we’re projected to spend for the rest of the year.” 

Like many employers who strive to be a great place to work, retention is top-of-mind for ARDOT. With Pro, the agency can more precisely pinpoint where in the organization turnover is occurring so it can take steps to improve the employee experience for people in those areas. 

“We rely on business intelligence and analytics within Pro to continuously monitor and identify turnover trends, and I can get those turnover numbers in a heartbeat,” said Hunt. “Then, my team can analyze that information, including if we’re having problems in any particular districts, and dig deeper to determine why that’s happening and why rates might be increasing, so we can take action.” 

One of the ways ARDOT aims to retain workers is by providing a more immersive experience through the UKG Pro mobile app so they can access information important to them and their families no matter where in the state they may be working. 

“Traditionally, employees haven’t had access to their own data because they’re not at a computer. If they wanted to see their pay stubs, they’d have to hunt down paper stubs or someone in HR had to look it up for them. But now, with the UKG Pro mobile app, they can access their pay stubs, W2s — those things most important to them,” said Hunt. “To further improve the employee experience through UKG, we plan to post news and information such as policy changes in the app for everyone to access on their smartphones.” 

Looking to the future and committed to the wellbeing of its employees who often spend their time engaged in road-side projects, ARDOT has also developed unique plans to capture health and safety information in UKG with the goal of implementing new trainings and policies to keep people safe. 

“We’re excited to use document manager to better analyze incidents happening on our roadways,” said Hunt. “Our plan is to take historical data — at least the last five years' worth of accidents involving our employees — and leverage analytics in the UKG Pro suite to identify the types of accidents we’re seeing, the types of injuries our people are experiencing, and which particular districts, work zones, or crews are being impacted, so we can do more targeted safety training and put new safety policies in place.”

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