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The American College of Surgeons Achieves Time Savings Across HR Processes with UKG Pro

  • Creates a detailed applicant data report instantly to fulfill OFCCP requirements for an Affirmative Action Plan

  • Quickly produces a required comprehensive benefits report using UKG Pro People Analytics

  • Saves time by giving employees access to their employee information through UKG Pro’s user-friendly interface

Using UKG Pro™ to manage HR processes is saving the American College of Surgeons significant HR staff time and elevating HR to a more strategic role.

The American College of Surgeons (ACS), a scientific and educational organization of surgeons, was founded in 1913 to raise the standards of surgical practice and improve the quality of care for all surgical patients. ACS has about 420 employees and more than 80,000 members and is the largest organization of surgeons in the world.

saved in fulfilling Affirmative Action Plan report requirements
saved monthly in creating life insurance and disability report
saved daily in HR staff time with employee self-service tools

“Our elevated role in HR, as individuals and as a division, lets us focus on driving a high-performance culture and supports our desire to continuously engage with our employees.”

Angelica Riepe
Senior Manager of Human Resources

Prior to adding the UKG Pro® solution, ACS handled its HR processes manually, which required considerable time to administer and maintain. The organization sought a human capital management solution that would enable HR to transform itself from a transactional organization to a division that could focus on more strategic objectives.


As a federal contractor, ACS is subject to Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements for an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). "Prior to implementing Pro, the process of compiling the very specific data necessary to fulfill the reporting requirements took about five months to complete, with data first being extracted from multiple sources and then manually manipulated and consolidated into a spreadsheet," said Angelica Riepe, ACS Senior Manager of Human Resources.

With Pro, ACS tightened applicant data procedures, further defined employee-change reasons, leveraged UKG Pro People Analytics Report Studio, and learned advanced business intelligence techniques, creating a detailed applicant data report. This report instantly delivers the properly formatted data so HR can complete the organization’s AAP.


Each month, ACS is required to generate a report to verify plan participant and rate information for its life insurance and disability plan vendor. Multiple types of data must be included and verified in the report, including special calculations that reflect various maximum benefit amounts for each plan. Prior to Pro, the manual process for creating the life insurance and disability report took over five hours to complete. Moreover, the significant time spent on information collection, consolidation, data entry, formula application, and verification still did not guarantee that the information would be error-free.

With Pro, ACS is able to leverage business intelligence reporting to combine existing plan and employee data sources into one comprehensive report that takes only 15 minutes to generate and review.

ACS has been able to activate business processes and workflows that provide its 420 employees with a convenient, self-service experience. Employees can access their employee information at any time through a user-friendly interface that expedites the review, updating, or extraction of personal information. By eliminating the need for HR to manage inquiries, paperwork, and data entry, as well as facilitate approvals tied to daily employee transactions, employee self-service saves HR an average of three hours of staff time per day.

“The HR team considers the new AAP compliance report one of our most exceptional achievements,” said Riepe. “The report has had a tremendous impact on the team’s ability to generate time-efficient, quality data that has significant implications for our organization.”

“Our benefits reporting yields more than a half-day of time savings each month, while letting us validate plan information and accurately pay our vendor bills,” Riepe added. “Employee self-service has been equally effective, as it reduces the need for HR staff to function tactically as a standard part of the job. Overall, our elevated role in HR, as individuals and as a division, lets us focus on driving a high-performance culture and supports our desire to continuously engage with our employees.”


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