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Innovation Awards


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Earn recognition for your organization’s outstanding achievements with UKG!

At UKG, our purpose is people, and our mission is to help every organization become a great workplace through technology built for all. Our Innovation Awards program recognizes customers leveraging UKG technology and their UKG partnership to solve strategic business challenges, add value to their organization, and improve the workplace experience for all employees. If your organization has leveraged UKG technology to inspire your people and elevate their work experience, we want to celebrate YOU!

Apply now through September 6, 2024 by submitting your story in 500 words or less. We look forward to recognizing our finalists throughout 2024!


As leaders in culture, UKG helps organizations realize what’s possible when you invest in your people. This category is about how UKG has influenced your workplace culture decisions and strategy, and how building a great place to work has driven better outcomes for all. Describe your transformation guided by UKG thought leadership and intelligent technology that listens, coordinates feedback, and empowers employees throughout their journey. Examples include successes with surveys and sentiment analysis; change management best practices; and UKG Great Place To Work Hub insights.

At UKG, we strongly believe diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) are business imperatives that drive superior business outcomes. Our vision is to help companies create more inclusive, people-centric cultures by providing insights and guidance from our years of helping the world’s best companies be great places to work. This award celebrates the impactful ways in which organizations are leveraging UKG to achieve their own DEI&B goals and empower their people to grow and thrive at work.

This award recognizes customers leveraging UKG technology to overcome significant business challenges, drive productivity, achieve operational excellence, and gain deep operational insight to make informed business decisions. Share how you are using UKG as a platform for improvements in feedback/employee communication, engagement, talent, or HR or WFM efficiencies, by highlighting what your organization is doing that’s outside-the-box to empower your people and drive results.

This award recognizes organizations that are achieving value by leveraging AI-powered, state-of-the-art UKG products or capabilities. Tell us how innovative UKG offerings – including but not limited to UKG One View, UKG Pro Benefits Hub, UKG Pro Talk, and UKG Pro Advanced Scheduling – are supporting your employees, leaders, and organization overall, and making a difference, with specific before-and-after metrics and anecdote-driven observations.

We know UKG has moved the need for your business. Tell us how! This category recognizes customers that have achieved quantifiable business and financial benefits with UKG — saving time and/or money, increasing efficiencies, improving retention, elevating employee satisfaction, expediting time-to-hire, making acquisitions faster, or other measurable improvements. 
Metrics are the foundation of this category.

Tell us the specific benefits you’ve experienced by combining HR, payroll, time, talent, and more with your UKG Pro HCM suite or UKG Ready HCM suite. We want to know: How has your all-in-one platform led to greater efficiency for your organization and your people? This award celebrates customers improving the employee experience and advancing their business with their UKG HCM suite.



UKG will select finalists throughout 2024 and announce the winners at UKG Aspire in November 2024. Winning organizations will receive one (1) free registration to UKG Aspire 2025, and all outstanding applicants not already enrolled in the UKG Insiders program will be invited to join. UKG Insiders is our customer fan club, providing exclusive opportunities for our most engaged customers to connect with peers and experts, share opinions with UKG and the market, take part in member-only events, amplify their UKG success story, and get recognized along the way as they continue to engage with us.


  • All customers who are live on their UKG solution are welcome to apply.
  • Customers may submit nominations in more than one category, with a separate, tailored submission for each category.
  • Quantifiable metrics such as specific time savings, cost savings, and detailed improvements to business processes should be included.

Be concise when addressing: 

  • The challenge — your “before UKG” story.
  • The solution — your “after UKG” story.
  • The impact of your UKG solution and partnership on your people and overall organization.

Submissions are limited to 500 words and are due by Friday, September 6, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. PT

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UKG ASPIRE 2024 Innovation Awards

Earn recognition for your organization's outstanding achievements with UKG technology!