A Comprehensive Guide to HR Tech for Today’s Business Challenges

Navigating the vast array of human resources solutions options can be overwhelming, especially with confusing acronyms like HCM, HRIS, ATS, WFM, and HRMS. But before delving into this software alphabet soup, it's crucial to pinpoint your organization's specific needs. 

Where should you start? Human resources technologies generally fall into three main categories: traditional HR, employee scheduling, and data insights. Understanding your requirements in these key areas will guide you towards the right solutions for your business. 

Ready to begin your HR technology search? Here’s a closer look at traditional HR, employee scheduling, and data and insights software solutions and how they can help make your organization a great place to work.

Traditional HR

Human resources, compliance, and payroll are “the big three” of successful people management. They manage core functions like recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, and compliance, setting the foundation for all employee-related processes. 

Let's explore how the right software solutions can simplify these critical business areas.

Human resource management

Human resource management software is your one-stop-shop for all things HR, allowing your business to track everything from hiring and onboarding to payroll, performance reviews, benefits, and time data. Centralizing your HR data unlocks automated workflows, reporting and analytics tools, and employee self-service options, simplifying your HR team's workload so they can focus on building a strong company culture.

HR Service Delivery

Human resources service delivery (HRSD)

Modern teams need 24/7 access to your organization’s HR tools so they can get the answers they need wherever and whenever they need them. The right HRSD platform allows employees to view, search, update information, and make requests both in the office and on the go.

compliance hero


Staying compliant with ever-changing laws requires a proactive strategy — and the right technology and the right vendor can help. Compliance solutions can align your internal processes and procedures with local, federal, and global regulations and standards, helping you create a safer workplace and avoid costly fines.



Payroll software can help streamline complex processes by automating workflows, limiting manual errors, saving time and money, and keeping your business compliant. The right solution can also track expenses, monitor employee hours, and accurately calculate employee pay, ensuring your entire workforce gets the perfect paycheck come payday.


Talent management software

Talent management software equips businesses with the tools to recruit, hire, evaluate performance, and train employees, helping you attract, develop, and grow your team.

Employee scheduling

Employee scheduling goes beyond ensuring the right people are working at the right time. It also involves tracking attendance, logging work hours, calculating overtime, approving time off, and managing absences and leave. 

Here’s a closer look at how the right software can help your business adopt more efficient scheduling practices to reduce labor costs, prevent burnout, and maintain productivity.

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Absence management

An absence management solution helps businesses accurately calculate and track leave eligibility, type, and duration while providing transparency into each employee’s leave status and balance. It can also ensure compliance with government regulations and company policies, proactively balancing the needs of both employees and your organization.

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling

A powerful employee scheduling tool allows your company to adapt to fluctuating business demand, minimize overstaffing, and avoid unplanned overtime costs, while also ensuring employees get enough rest between shifts to prevent burnout. Modern scheduling software can also empower employees to self-serve, enabling them to view schedules, request time off, set shift preferences, and swap shifts easily.


Time and attendance software

Manage your employees’ hours, attendance, and leave from one system. Time and attendance software makes it easy for employees and managers to clock-in/out, request/approve time off, check PTO accrual balances, and more.

Data and insights

Make better decisions with better data. With the right HR solutions, you can get powerful insights into HR, payroll, operational, and finance metrics to help your team make data-driven decisions. Through tools like surveying, employee listening, and intelligent reporting, you can avoid burnout, unfair scheduling, and compliance violations, and ultimately, improve overall employee engagement. 

Here’s a closer look at how your organization can unlock the benefits of data and insights:

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Artificial intelligence (AI) in HR

AI can do more than automate basic HR tasks. It can help employees quickly find internal resources, assist managers with creating more holistic and fair performance reviews, and empower HR teams to identify opportunities for employee growth, development, and engagement. Learn how ethical trust-building AI solutions can help your organization deliver great employee experiences.


Reporting and analytics

Unlock the insights you need to put your people first with HR reporting and analytics software. People analytics tools empower your business with out-of-the-box dashboards, custom reporting, AI-powered actionable insights, and more so you can proactively meet the needs of both your people and the business.

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