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A place to share experiences and ideas on how to help customers work smarter through a refreshing blend of customer success stories and workforce management and human capital management insights.

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Data in Dimensions
Working Smarter Café

UKG Dimensions — The Data Video Series You Can’t Live Without

Have you seen the Data in Dimensions video series? It’s designed to showcase data handling capabilities and help managers and business leaders utilize real-time data collected on the platform every day. Learn what videos are waiting for you on the playlist.
TeleStaff in Crisis
Working Smarter Café

Is Public Safety Ready for the Next Crisis?

Natural and human-made disasters are not one-size-fits-all events. Public safety organizations are doubling down on proactive strategies to improve the way they respond to crises, and UKG TeleStaff seems to be at the center of it all.
UKG Dimensions
Working Smarter Café

Want to Keep Up With Your Fast-Paced Workforce? We've Got an App For That

The UKG Dimensions app gives your people instant access to important work-related tools and information no matter where they are. Let’s take a peek at some of the benefits and how you can take advantage of them.
Worker on Phone
Working Smarter Café

Accommodating Remote Employees with the UKG Workforce Central Mobile App

The need to enable and empower people to work beyond the office has made mobile devices an even more prevalent and attractive technology. Whether your employees are soon returning to the office or are still working remotely, you can use the Workforce Mobile app to create a positive experience for your people.
Working Smarter Café

Arrive With a Plan: Choose Your Can’t-Miss UKG Works Sessions Today

Make the most of UKG Works by arriving with your own personal agenda, built by you to align with your interests and goals. Session selection opens the last week of September for in-person attendees and early November for virtual attendees.
UKG Ready Webinar
Working Smarter Café

Grow Your Knowledge with UKG Ready Learning Journeys

Learn how to grow your knowledge of UKG Ready with the new learning journeys.
Learning on Computer
Working Smarter Café

Send Your Employees “Back to School” with Workforce Central Training

End-user training is essential to the adoption and ongoing use of the UKG™ products and to your organization’s overall success in managing your workforce. Check out these training resources that will help keep managers and employees up to speed and educated about their solution.
Webinar Blog
Working Smarter Café

The What, Why, and How of Pandemic-Related Labor Lawsuits

Join UKG for a live webinar on Wednesday, August 11, where experts will explore the intersection of labor law compliance and COVID-19.
August Release
Working Smarter Café

Beat the Summer Heat With These Six UKG Ready Sweet Enhancement Treats!

Brad Nycz, UKG Ready suite customer success manager and former customer, is at it again! Check out the enhancements from the upcoming UKG Ready August release he’s chosen to highlight. Follow along and see how you might use these enhancements today.
Open Enrollement
Working Smarter Café

It’s Coming! Are You Ready? Your UKG Pro Guide to Successful Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season is around the corner. We’re providing customers with helpful resources they can leverage to prepare.