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Returning to Work
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These 7 Things Will Help Your Organization Return to Work with Confidence

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many organizations to wonder what the future holds for their employees and their business. This blog includes seven video snippets where you will hear from our experts as they discuss tips and tricks, give tutorials, and offer expert advice to assist you in managing the return to work.
Abscence Management
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Workforce Management

Integrated Absence Management – a Game Changer for HR

Application programming interface (API) technology is poised to revolutionize HR as it has already done for other sectors of the economy.
Ana Davalos
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Kronos User Spotlight: Ana Davalos

Kronos User Spotlights are designed to discover and connect the people who use Kronos regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Hear from Ana Davalos in this edition, as she shares her favorite resources, tips, tricks, and more related to Workforce Dimensions.
Mobile Magic
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Mobile Magic — Uncovering the Magic Behind Your Kronos Mobile Solutions

This article is all about understanding the magic behind some of your mobile device’s most misunderstood usages with regard to geolocation, data integrity, and enterprise mobility management.
Customer Success
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7+ Ways to Get Involved, Learn More About Your Solution, and Make Connections — from Anywhere

Discover the many opportunities available for you to connect with other customers and learn more about your Kronos solution remotely from wherever you’re most comfortable.
Successful Global Rollout
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The Telltale Sign of a Successful Global Rollout

Workforce management strategic advisor John Colglazier and workforce management solution consultant Greg Freudenthaler offer guidance on setting global business standards to help you navigate decisions about your workforce.
Kronos Huddle
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The good vibes keep rolling: The Kronos Huddle is On Demand

The Kronos Huddle is available on demand until June 2021. Log in or register now to access Workforce Central, Workforce Ready, and Workforce Dimensions content at no cost to you.
 Your Move to Workforce Dimensions
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Approach Your Move to Workforce Dimensions with Confidence: Need-to-Know Resources

Are you thinking about moving to Workforce Dimensions? Familiarize yourself with the resources we have available to keep you up to date and on track early in the process.
WFC & WFD Retail Forecasting
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The Value of Forecasting in Workforce Dimensions and Workforce Central and Getting It Back on Track

Are you a retailer who has been impacted by COVID-19? Read this article to gain advice about getting forecasting models back on track.