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Data Hub Analytics During COVID-19
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Workforce Management

How Can Data Hub Help Steer Your Analytics Back on Track After COVID-19?

Learn about how a UKG customer was able to make better sense of its workforce data during the effects of COVID-19.
Improving Assisted Living
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Workforce Management

Improving Quality in Assisted Living

The Joint Commission is launching an Assisted Living Community Accreditation Program. Learn more about the program and how it will help assisted living communities deliver consistent, highly reliable care. As the healthcare industry moves forward after the challenging pandemic crises, this accreditation offers organizations a path towards standardization, improvement, and a relentless focus on the delivery of safe care to residents. We are doing our part at UKG to focus on all aspects of the workforce. We continue to innovate to create the most meaningful data, streamline work processes, and support efficiencies for all leaders and staff.
Healthcare Staffing
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Make Better Healthcare Staffing Decisions with These UKG Dimensions Reports

Healthcare staffing can feel like a merry-go-round, but the features in these reports will help you find a clear path forward.
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User Spotlight: Jeremy Culler

User Spotlights are designed to discover and connect the people who use UKG solutions regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Hear from Jeremy Culler in this edition as he shares his favorite resources, tips, and tricks, and more related to Workforce Dimensions.
Four DIY Tips to Working Smarter in Workforce Dimensions
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Four DIY Tips to Working Smarter in UKG Dimensions

We’ve enhanced Online Help to include four new features that will help you find answers and be the best DIYer you can be with your solution. Learn more in this article.
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Welcome to UKG!

Today is the day! Ultimate Software and Kronos have become one under our new name, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group). As we are sure many of you have some lingering questions, this blog is here to provide you with a few tips to get you started and provide a glimpse into what’s to come.
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Why This Customer Says Subscribing to KnowledgeMap Live Is a Must

In this blog, you will hear from Chad Leavell of Community Systems Inc. (CSI) as he discusses why KnowledgeMap™ Live has been a vital component to his organization's success. As well as how It has been an instrumental part of training during implementation, and for ongoing refresher training and onboarding of new employees.
Healthcare Providers, Supervisors and Patients
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Workforce Management

Wrapping Up Your Summer Reading List? Don’t Forget These Must-See Healthcare Webinars

Learn from some must-see healthcare webinars on topics ranging from building an agile workforce to optimizing scheduling and the digital health transformation.
Circle Success
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Circle Success: New Name, Same Team

Your Customer Success group in Community has a new name. Learn about the value of Circle Success and how to interact with your Circle Success customer success managers.
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Everything You Need to Know About Payroll Taxes

Calling all payroll professionals! This week — National Payroll Week — is dedicated to you, our payroll superheroes. To celebrate, our Kronos Payroll Services (KPS) program manager, Christina Messina, shares some payroll tax tips!