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When Pay Is Not Enough: 3 Alternative Currencies Demanded by the Modern Manufacturing Workforce

In a world where the labor participation shortage is real and not going away, manufacturers are looking for real ways to drive productivity, performance, retention of talent, and new strategies for attracting incoming generations. What can be done?
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Performing Preventive Maintenance on the Manufacturing Workforce

With preventive maintenance plans becoming an integral part of many manufacturing organizations operating procedures, it’s time to apply those same principles to the frontline workforce to combat the persisting challenge of turnover.
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Managing Teleworkers Through a Pandemic

Amid all the concern surrounding COVID-19, many people had to work from home for the first time in their careers. The pros and cons of remote work have been debated extensively, and we now have mountains of data to support those claims. Will teleworking become the new normal?
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4 Flexible Employee Scheduling Practices for Manufacturers to Consider

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many manufacturing employees need to stay home to fulfill caregiving obligations. But what happens if employees don’t have an alternative or flexible work schedule?
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Wrapping Up Your Summer Reading List? Don’t Forget These Must-See Healthcare Webinars

Learn from some must-see healthcare webinars on topics ranging from building an agile workforce to optimizing scheduling and the digital health transformation.
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Adopting Agile Principles in Healthcare: Lessons from Netflix’s Lenox Hill

Success in healthcare is to be agile as an individual, and to work in agile teams we well as have a focus on work life balance. Change happens in a nanosecond. Teams must always be flexible and adaptable in their care processes, planning for the unknown.