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New Home Experience
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The New Home Experience is Coming Soon — Review This Helpful Checklist to Ensure You’re Prepared

The UKG Dimensions New Home Experience is coming soon - and now's the time to prepare! Read on for a Q&A about the upcoming changes, and take a look at the checklist we've put together that's filled with important steps and helpful links for you to download and share with your teams.
Dimensions Adoption Insights
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Maximize Your UKG Dimensions Investment by Understanding Everything It Has to Offer

Your organization has successfully implemented UKG Dimensions, but since it’s a new application for your organization, you may be unsure of all that Dimensions has to offer. See how a periodic review can be vital to ensuring your organization gets the most out of the solution.
Ready Enhancements
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Through the 12 Months of 2021, UKG Ready Gave to Me … Amazing New Functionality

What an eventful year we've had! Look back with us as we highlight the top UKG Ready enhancements of 2021.
UKG REady readyconnect
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Jump into the Fall with our New Online Documentation Experience!

There’s so much to look forward to this fall; make sure to add UKG Ready’s new online documentation experience to your must-see list.
Dimensions Outlook
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How to Get the Most Out of Your UKG Dimensions Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Read this blog for a list of helpful resources about the UKG Dimensions and Microsoft Outlook integration.
My Learning
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UKG Ready Training — The Dog Won’t Eat Your Homework for This Class!

Find out what’s new with UKG Ready My Learning and how to enroll in classes today.
User Adoption
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4 Ways Southwest Key Programs Prepared Their People for Change

When Southwest Key Programs, a Texas-based nonprofit, embarked on their UKG Dimensions implementation in early 2020, they immediately thought about how a new technology would ultimately impact their people. Read about their experience and lessons learned.
Company Hub
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The Company Hub — A Secret Recipe for Success

Interested in leveraging the company hub? Check out our formula for company hub success!
New Admin
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Hiring a New Admin? No Problem!

Are you hiring new admins but worried about how you’ll get them up to speed? Our New Admin Training program is designed to get your admins up and running quickly.
Summer Training
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Start Your Summer Off Right with UKG Ready Weekly Training Sessions

Have you heard about our weekly release readiness training sessions? Find out what these sessions have to offer and sign up today!