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Kronos Community SuperUsers
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2021 UKG Kronos Community Superusers Announced

UKG recognizes customers and partners who are most active in the UKG Kronos Community in 2021!
SuperUser Series
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Superuser Spotlights Help You Get the Most Out of UKG Kronos Community

Check out the UKG Superuser Spotlight series to read the latest advice from the most active Community members.
Connecting UKG Dimensions
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UKG Dimensions: The Power of Connecting with Peers

The UKG Kronos Community unites you with UKG Dimensions customers so you can learn from one another and succeed. Learn about the types of groups you can join after you’ve become a part of the Community!
Got an Idea
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Got an Idea for Your UKG Solution? Share It With Us

Hey, UKG Dimensions™, UKG Ready™, UKG TeleStaff™, and UKG Workforce Central® customers. Did Have an idea regarding functionality within your UKG solution? Then share it! This blog will walk you through the Ideas page in UKG Kronos Community. What it is, how you can use it, plus some insider tips to make your Idea rise to the top.
New Admin Page
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Every New UKG Dimensions Administrator Needs This

Becoming a new administrator might seem overwhelming at first. The UKG Dimensions New Administrator Resources page will simplify your first few weeks on the job.
Customer Engagement Toolkit
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UKG Tools and Templates That Make Communicating Easier

Learn how the Customer Engagement Toolkit can help you communicate important information and updates about UKG to your employees.
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You Want It; You Got It: Submit Your Product Enhancement Ideas in Community

Have some suggestions on how we can better enhance our products? Make sure you are leveraging our Ideas page in the Community. Read on to see what this page is all about.
HR- Payroll Resource Library
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UKG Kronos Community’s Worst-Kept Secret for HR and Payroll Professionals

Have you taken advantage of UKG Kronos Community’s worst-kept secret, the HR and Payroll Resource Library? Read on to see what it is, where you can find it, and how you can use it.
COVID-19 Resources
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Watch List of UKG COVID-19 Resources — Plus a Few Good Reads

Don’t forget about all the insightful resources UKG offers to help you manage COVID-19 from a workplace perspective. Read this blog to learn about a few favorites and find out where you can get more.
Super Users
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2020 UKG Kronos Community Superusers Announced

The results are finally in. See who this year’s UKG Kronos Community Superusers are and how you can network with them.