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Countdown to UKG Works: There’s Still Time to Join us On Site or Online

You don’t have to commute to Vegas to have an inspiring UKG Works experience. Explore expert-led sessions across diverse topics designed to keep you engaged in the work, people, and technology topics that matter most to you. Select your sessions in advance to show up with a plan when the virtual conference kicks off on November 15!
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How UKG Works Attendees Say You Can Optimize Your Conference Experience

Are you attending UKG Works for the first time? Hear from customers who’ve been before about how to make the most of your experience.
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New Public Safety Scheduling Differentiator: UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events Module

With the UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events module, public safety organizations can streamline the extra duty event requisition process, creating schedules that are best suited for the department and their budget. Learn more in this blog post.
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Is Public Safety Ready for the Next Crisis?

Natural and human-made disasters are not one-size-fits-all events. Public safety organizations are doubling down on proactive strategies to improve the way they respond to crises, and UKG TeleStaff seems to be at the center of it all.
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Get the UKG Huddle On Demand and Feed Your Genius Again

The UKG Huddle is available on demand until June 2022! Log in or register now to access UKG Dimensions, UKG Ready, UKG Pro, UKG TeleStaff, and UKG Workforce Central content at no cost to you.
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Register for the Virtual UKG Huddle to Feed Your Genius

Register now for the 2021 virtual UKG Huddle on June 2 and find out what sessions are on the agenda!
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Be Better Prepared for a UKG TeleStaff Upgrade to Version 7

Learn insider tips that will make you more confident in your decision to move forward with a UKG TeleStaff 7.3 upgrade and better prepare your teams to execute a smooth migration.