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Diversity Matters: How UKG Products Can Help Cultivate a More-Diverse Healthcare Workforce

Learn more about the importance of diversity within Healthcare, and how UKG’s products can help you to foster a more inclusive and equitable organization!
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Higher Ed’s Top IT Issues: Restore, Evolve, Transform

EDUCAUSE has released its Top IT Issues of 2021. This ever-popular report produced each year helps institutions prioritize their goals, projects, and budgets. This year, they took a different approach and focused on how the role of technology will affect pandemic recovery.
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Logistics and Distribution Workers: Unsung Heroes Among Us

We’re nearly a year into the pandemic and we’ve learned a lot about the human spirit and ingenuity. We are thankful for the logistics and distribution workers, who are unsung heroes among us, working tirelessly on the front lines to help supply the timely delivery of essential goods to those in need. The challenge is two-fold, with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and never before seen numbers of eCommerce orders.
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Manufacturing’s Sustainability Journey: HCM Technology Can Help (Really!)

This is the first of a 2-part blog series that will discuss how adopting digital human capital management technology can support a manufacturing organization’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda.
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Building a Safety Culture Drives Business Continuity in Manufacturing

Manufacturers can build a safer, more inclusive workplace for their employees by streamlining the flow of information from management to the frontline.
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Holiday Break: The Perfect Time to Catch-Up

There is no complete rest for the weary, but this winter break is the perfect opportunity for educators to take stock of the year and catch up.
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A Holistic Approach to Keeping Your People Safe

Getting staff back to work is the most important thing businesses can do at the moment and this requires confidence that practical steps are being taken to keep them safe by limiting their exposure to infection.
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COVID-19 Accelerates How Healthcare Organizations Must Invest in Workforce Technology

We have entered a time of revolution in healthcare as we search for the right balance of technology and talent for this dynamic landscape.