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Life-Work Trends

A Day in the Life of a Retail Worker, From Work-life Balance to Life-work Journey

The pandemic has shown that to thrive, employers must be flexible, adaptable, and truly invested in the needs and concerns of their employees if they want to retain their talent. To understand the reality faced by employees and organizations alike in this modern workforce, we developed a concept called the Life-work Journey™. To illustrate the positive change and flexibility that Life-work Tech can provide, read on to see a typical day in the life of a retail employee.
Supermarket Employee Day
Life-Work Trends

Supermarket Employees, This One’s for You

Supermarkets and grocery stores are the backbone of our communities. They ensure that families are fed, and they provide jobs to people from every walk of life. Employees help keep shelves stocked at night and serve customers with a smile during the day. This February 22, 2022, on Supermarket Employee Day (and every day in between)... we want to thank you!
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Employee Experience

The Great Resignation of 2021: Lessons Learned in Hospitality & Food Service

You’ve probably seen the effects first-hand. When it comes to the Great Resignation, why have hospitality and food service been hit the hardest?
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Life at UKG

Meet UKG’s New Industry Marketing Director for Retail & Hospitality

Rob Klitsch joins UKG as the new Industry Marketing Director for Retail and Hospitality. At UKG, Rob will offer his extensive industry knowledge to lead UKG’s marketing strategy across the retail, hospitality, and food service verticals.
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How a Streamlined Payroll Process Eased the Burden of One Catering Company

With a unified payroll, payroll services, and HR solution in place, the team at M Culinary Concepts can now focus on providing a great guest experience for their clients and be able to take care of their people who make it all happen.
AI and machine learning
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Workforce Management

Supporting Your Retail Workforce With AI & ML

We hear these words all the time: ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ and ‘Machine Learning (ML)’. But what do they mean, and how do they help your retail operations? How can they help your workforce succeed and use their time wisely?
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Workforce Management

The Increasing Need for Financial Wellness Benefits That Support the Hourly Workforce

It’s been about a year since COVID-19 was first confirmed in the US, upending industries and lives across the country. And no segment of the workforce has been more impacted than hourly employees. Spanning a range of industries from healthcare to retail and food service, hourly workers make up nearly 60 percent of the US workforce with over 80 million employees.
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Workforce Management

Need More Time in Your Day? Find Out What One Director of Operations Did to Get More Time Back

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Wyclif Kpanou, Director of Operations for Westside Donuts, a large Dunkin’ franchise in New York. I wanted to chat with him to learn how and why he made the decision to partner with UKG™ (The Ultimate Kronos Group) to help improve the productivity of his workforce.
Employee Experience

The Importance of Financial and Physical Wellness: How Employee Financial Stability Creates Operational Success

The past year has transformed nearly every aspect of work. Companies have had to stay up-to-date on ever-changing regulations. Whether it meant switching to curbside services, expanding delivery capabilities, or offering ecommerce, they’ve had to modify operations to keep employees and customers safe. But beyond physical wellness, this year has also emphasized the fact that the financial wellness of many working Americans is in a precarious position.
Employee Experience

Staying Safe While Staying On Task

This year looks a little different than the past; and its been said on the news over and over with all the different words to explain it: unprecedented, unparalleled, dangerous, unexplainable. But those words don’t stop the world and what is happening in your stores. So what is happening now? The holiday and then post-holiday rush. It’s here, and a pandemic hasn’t stopped it.