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MODEX conference
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Reflections From MODEX: 3 Key Learnings on Industry Challenges

The disruption of supply chains has sent shock waves through almost every industry it touches. During the 2022 MODEX Expo, three people-related challenges brought to light from the MHI Annual Industry Report stood out for logistics industry leaders to focus on during these unpredictable times.
International Women's Day
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Wheels Up! How to Help Empower Women in Transportation on International Women’s Day

How will your organization #BreakTheBias and commit to women’s equality?
supply chain issues - out of stock for the holiday season
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Supply Chain Issues — the New Grinch that Stole Christmas

The 2021 holiday season may have come and gone, but the headache of supply chain issues remain. The impact that this past holiday season left on the industry was significant, ultimately resulting in widespread product shortages and delayed deliveries. Learn how you can support your industry and employees right now, so you are prepared for the next holiday season.
Truck Driver Driving
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The Driver Dilemma: 3 Focus Areas for Increasing Truck Driver Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment and retention strategies are key to closing the gap for the truck driver shortage, which could double by 2030 if left unaddressed.
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Why Workers Keep Saying ‘I Quit’: Understanding the Great Resignation

As we’re closing in on year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve likely heard the term “The Great Resignation” by now. But what exactly is it, and why has it hit certain industries so hard?
working in pandemic
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Returning to the Office (Or Not): How to Manage Your Workforce Through the Transition

Day by day, do you know where your employees are working? UKG has solutions to manage your workforce – wherever they may be.
Digital Transformation during COVID
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Supply Chain Transformation for a Post-Pandemic World

Studies suggest that in just the first six months of the pandemic, digital transformation accelerated by five to ten years — so what does that mean for the future of the logistics and distribution industry? We’ve seen both the challenges and opportunities brought on by COVID-19 and are learning in real-time how organizations can prepare for more change ahead.
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Overcoming the Challenges of Digitally Connecting with Service & Logistics Employees

By definition, these “remote” types of field/distributed workers are just that – physically “distant”, geographically “dispersed”, “isolated”, and “apart”. Sure, they spend the majority of their time on the road servicing accounts or operating in a model that lacks a central office or corporate headquarters. But that shouldn’t mean that critical communications have to suffer.
Service & Distribution
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Logistics and Distribution Workers: Unsung Heroes Among Us

We’re nearly a year into the pandemic and we’ve learned a lot about the human spirit and ingenuity. We are thankful for the logistics and distribution workers, who are unsung heroes among us, working tirelessly on the front lines to help supply the timely delivery of essential goods to those in need. The challenge is two-fold, with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and never before seen numbers of eCommerce orders.
Distribution warehouse worker
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The Changing Landscape of Distribution: Present and Future Impact

The current pandemic has sped up business transformation like no other time in modern history. The impact has been felt across nearly every industry, with the speed of digital transformation leading the charge. FedEx has stood out in their response to these challenges. Listen to our recorded webinar that features expert insight from FedEx and Kronos on how workforce technology can help distribution organizations deliver on business strategies while keeping employees and customers safe.