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When Pay Is Not Enough: 3 Alternative Currencies Demanded by the Modern Manufacturing Workforce

In a world where the labor participation shortage is real and not going away, manufacturers are looking for real ways to drive productivity, performance, retention of talent, and new strategies for attracting incoming generations. What can be done?
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Snapshot: What Gen Z Really Wants in the Manufacturing Workplace

To remain competitive in the war for talent, manufacturers must create a work environment that attracts, engages, and retains the future workforce — Gen Z.
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A Structure to Centralized Staffing Success

Evolving labor models and resource allocation methods have put critical focus on centralized staffing and scheduling to meet volatile patient care demands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s examine how proper workforce management governance can help to foster employee engagement and sustainable practices to achieve success in today’s landscape!
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Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Your Workforce Practices

By actively investing in and embracing DEI initiatives, manufacturers can see significant financial performance improvements and begin closing the long persisting skills gap.
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Drive Continuous Improvement with a Highly Engaged Workforce

Learn how to leverage workforce management technology and your HCM solutions to create an engaged workforce capable of driving sustained continuous improvement.
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When Overtime is Necessary, Make Sure It’s Equitable

It’s important to try and reduce unplanned and unnecessary overtime. But when overtime is unavoidable, it’s important ensure fairness and equity when it comes to opportunities for employees.
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5 Items on the Frontline Manufacturing Workforce’s Holiday Wish List

Want to make sure you’re keeping your manufacturing workforce engaged and retaining top talent? Get them everything on their workplace wish list this year.
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3 Workforce Challenges That Haunt Manufacturing Organizations

Discover common workforce challenges encountered by manufacturing organizations and learn how you can address these issues immediately.
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Centralized Staffing and Scheduling in Healthcare: The Journey is Worth the Reward

Centralized staffing and scheduling enable organizations to streamline processes, improve accuracy of data and reporting, and reduce administrative burdens. It is more important than ever to have enterprise-wide labor resource visibility to quickly and cost-effectively respond to unexpected fluctuations in volume.
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Drive Business Continuity in Manufacturing: Fuel Lasting Financial Resiliency

Fueling lasting financial resiliency is paramount and manufacturers must safeguard revenue continuity through creative labor strategies to effectively manage their overall cost to serve.