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Happy employees returning to office for reboarding exercise
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All aboard, again: Reboarding your people and adapting to cultural change

Raise the bar on your return to the office with the PET method of reboarding and ensure your people are ready for the future.
Remote worker on virtual meeting looking out window while sun sets
Life-Work Trends

The remote work roundup: What we've learned after a year at home

2020 showed us that remote work is here to stay, so it's time to build it into our HR plans. Here's what we've learned from this unprecedented year.
Employee with hand on forehead experiencing psychological safety issue
Employee Experience

Psychological safety: Supporting the unseen with your HR technology

Psychological safety is harder to pin down than physical safety, but HR technology can help. See what you need to support this unseen factor in your employee experience.
HR pro discussing psychological contract with employee
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How the psychological contract helps HR pros connect with their people

The psychological contract might sound abstract, but it has real impacts on HR's on-the-job relationships. See how you can start tapping into it for answers.
Woman voting in 2020 US election
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2020 election aftermath: Looking ahead at areas of focus for HR

The US election was a whirlwind - here are the potential impacts HR should look out for as administrations change and new laws pass.
Worried HR pro prepares for second wave of COVID-19
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What HR should be doing now to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19

No one wants to think about a second wave of COVID-19, but HR has to plan ahead to protect their people and their organization.
HR person with the PARTS to succeed in recruiting
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Do you have the right PARTS to succeed with your recruiting processes?

We're back with more PARTS to help HR make positive change - and A stands for "Acquire." Get some quick tips on building standout recruiting processes.
Drawing a light bulb what HR and payroll learned from complete disruption
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What complete disruption has taught us about HR and payroll

Disruption is more than an inconvenience, especially for HR and payroll. It's a chance to learn and grow. See how COVID-19 has shifted our perspective.
Woman waving rainbow flag Title VII ruling celebration
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The Title VII decision is a moment HR needs to focus on: Here's why

The Supreme Court's Title VII ruling is a landmark for LGBTQIA+ employees - and HR needs to pay attention. Here are some tips for recognition and celebration from Julie Develin.
Workplace efficiency man doing process mapping
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Workforce Management

What does workplace efficiency look like now?

If this crisis has taught us anything, it's that efficiency has more of a human element than many thought. See our tips on deepening your thinking about workplace efficiency.