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9 Ways to Address Healthcare Staffing Challenges Using HCM

As healthcare organizations struggle to hire and retain top talent, HCM and WFM offer practical solutions to engage candidates and employees.
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Are You up to Date With Clinical Scheduling Extensions?

It is not too late to plan out the rest of your 2022 roadmap! Learn how your healthcare organization can take advantage of performance improvements and new features for your nursing team by updating your Clinical Scheduling Extension's service packs.
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Integrated Versus Interfaced WFM Technology: Top 3 Reasons Why Integrated Systems Deliver Better Results

Technology provides necessary data and information to meld labor supply to care demands, which has become a priority in today’s healthcare landscape. An integrated technology solution provides opportunity to achieve optimal labor metric evaluation and action with minimal administrative touchpoints because real-time information is available. In this blog, we will discuss the top 3 benefits an integrated system delivers.
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Reversing the Great Resignation of 2021: Insights for Healthcare Leaders

The Great Resignation of 2021 has been sweeping across the United States for the better half of the last year, with the healthcare industry being one of the hardest hit. How can healthcare organizations combat the Great Resignation and start the reversal process? Read on to learn some key insights healthcare leaders should be implementing to recruit and retain their staff.
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Lessons Learned: How Allina Health System Reached Epic Performance with UKG Extensions

The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have shined a well-deserved spotlight on the ongoing need to have a reliable staffing method to ensure quality patient care. Allina Health System recently shared their experience during this process and discussed how they paired their EPIC system with UKG Workforce Scheduler Extensions for Healthcare to achieve key operational outcomes. Read about their takeaways and lessons learned here!
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Delivering the Highest Standard of Patient Care With Limited Resources

When all areas of a health care organization are committed to patient care as their goal, a focus on productivity and efficiency is an asset that allows them to improve their patient care.
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A Structure to Centralized Staffing Success

Evolving labor models and resource allocation methods have put critical focus on centralized staffing and scheduling to meet volatile patient care demands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s examine how proper workforce management governance can help to foster employee engagement and sustainable practices to achieve success in today’s landscape!
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Centralized Staffing and Scheduling in Healthcare: The Journey is Worth the Reward

Centralized staffing and scheduling enable organizations to streamline processes, improve accuracy of data and reporting, and reduce administrative burdens. It is more important than ever to have enterprise-wide labor resource visibility to quickly and cost-effectively respond to unexpected fluctuations in volume.