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Nurses: In Community With One Another, We Can Move Mountains

During the final week of Nurses Month, we discuss the importance of Community Engagement. In particular, we recognize how community engagement is a powerful vehicle for change, as well as how we can play a more meaningful role in shaping the various outcomes that affect us and our communities. 
Nurses Month - Professional Development
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: Keep Learning & Advancing Your Practice

During the third week of Nurses Month, we explore the theme of Professional Development. Within this blog, we explore the criticality of professional development and investment in learning & advancement.
Nurses Month - Recognition
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: We Recognize & Appreciate You

It’s the second week of Nurses Month and the theme of the week is Recognition. Within this blog, we explore what recognition is, what this form of gratitude conveys to nurses, and how to properly recognize and appreciate others.
Nurses Month - Self Care
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: You Truly Make a Difference

It’s here: Nurses Month, a month-long celebration of nursing! Each week throughout May 2022 we’ll delve into a specific theme exploring how nurses make a difference. Week 1 is all about self-care and the ways in which we can invest in our own wellbeing while caring for the health and wellness of others.
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Are You up to Date With Clinical Scheduling Extensions?

It is not too late to plan out the rest of your 2022 roadmap! Learn how your healthcare organization can take advantage of performance improvements and new features for your nursing team by updating your Clinical Scheduling Extension's service packs.
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Workforce Management

Rethinking Nursing Productivity: A CALL TO ACTION

The work of the nurse has been displayed and shared transparently for all to see over these past two years. However, how we measure the impact of nursing MUST be reconsidered. To answer this call, we conducted a thorough research study to evaluate nursing productivity and have identified multiple themes and areas for future consideration. Within this blog, we review the highlights of our study.
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Workforce Management

Integrated Versus Interfaced WFM Technology: Top 3 Reasons Why Integrated Systems Deliver Better Results

Technology provides necessary data and information to meld labor supply to care demands, which has become a priority in today’s healthcare landscape. An integrated technology solution provides opportunity to achieve optimal labor metric evaluation and action with minimal administrative touchpoints because real-time information is available. In this blog, we will discuss the top 3 benefits an integrated system delivers.
Employee Experience

Reversing the Great Resignation of 2021: Insights for Healthcare Leaders

The Great Resignation of 2021 has been sweeping across the United States for the better half of the last year, with the healthcare industry being one of the hardest hit. How can healthcare organizations combat the Great Resignation and start the reversal process? Read on to learn some key insights healthcare leaders should be implementing to recruit and retain their staff.
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Workforce Management

Empowering Your People and People Managers to Turn Insights into Actions with Data and Analytics

Making the right decisions today has never been more challenging and critical within healthcare. Fortunately, there are analytic tools that provide a multitude of ways to assist you with informed decision making. Read on to learn how our next generation solution, UKG Dimensions™ Analytics, delivers insights instantly to your frontline and operational people managers so they can confidently make impactful labor decisions backed by data.
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Workforce Management

Lessons Learned: How Allina Health System Reached Epic Performance with UKG Extensions

The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have shined a well-deserved spotlight on the ongoing need to have a reliable staffing method to ensure quality patient care. Allina Health System recently shared their experience during this process and discussed how they paired their EPIC system with UKG Workforce Scheduler Extensions for Healthcare to achieve key operational outcomes. Read about their takeaways and lessons learned here!